It Appears Russia is Sticking to The Cover Story…

Defense minister Shoigu is leading an “investigation” into a mysterious fire that suddenly started one of their most advanced submarines. This fire killed 14 and put more in the hospital. When you watch the mannerisms and the solemness he and the other Russian military officers use, it was like honoring those who have fallen in battle.

I would also like to point out that they use the “in Russian territorial waters” line a few more times in the video below. Why such emphasis on that aspect of the incident? There’s been no mention of any U.S. sub being struck or sunk from either side so that aspect is still not verifiable.

The cover story doesn’t wash. In the video they also say that it was successfully raised to the surface meaning it was completely disabled. There was also an explosion prior to the fire. Emergency hatches were closed etc like there was a battle going on. The point is that this type of “incident” can happen again anywhere in the world. Stay prayed up and prepped up at all times. Revelation 3:3. Video is below.

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