Disease, Famine, War and Signs in The Sky 5-21-19

It’s all here. To say that we’re in the birth-pangs of the tribulation is an understatement. Every time I turn around I read another article that speaks of “unprecedented” or “historic” weather events. Floods, fires, storms and other natural disasters have gone off the charts in frequency and intensity.

Then there are the wars and rumors of wars. The United States has bases scattered around the world in places that we probably can’t name off hand. With Trump and his band of psychotic Neocons leading the charge we can be rest assured of more chaos at the very least, total destruction at the very worst.

Today was another example of their psyop called controlled chaos. On the one hand they have Trump tweeting about Iran’s destruction while on the other hand saying that “Iran is on hold”. My best guess is that we can expect more of the same type of chaos and limited warfare until after Trump’s “Deal of the Century” is unveiled to the world. Hold on because it gets bumpy from here.

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