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“Europe is Living in a State of Emergency” German Chancellor Olaf Soltz

German Chancellor Olaf Soltz is also warning Germans to have emergency food and water supplies and candles to light their homes in the event of nuclear warfare or cyber attacks. Here is more on that story from Warnews247, translated from Greek for your convenience. My video report on this subject and MUCH MORE is also below.

Chancellor Olaf Solz (SPD) has issued an urgent warning about the danger of a nuclear escalation in the Ukraine war. Referring to the possibility of using nuclear weapons and the threats of the Russian President, he said in an interview with the stern magazine of Hamburg:

“Internationally, at the moment we are in a dangerous, even dramatic situation.” The whole continent is currently living in “excellent condition”.

That is why “transparency is very important now. “Many are afraid that the war will spread to EU countries as well. You can not talk over your head and pass your heart.”

Europe is in a state of emergency”
“Europe is living in a state of emergency, it is literally a matter of life and death ,” said German Chancellor Olaf Soltz .

Referring to the potential of Russian nuclear weapons and the threats of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, the chancellor stressed that “in view of the war, everything must be taken into account and we must not have any illusions about Putin.” It’s the German government’s job, he says, to prevent the use of such weapons.

“This is why decisions require a vigilant mind. We should not act hastily, hoping that things will not get so bad. “It’s literally a matter of life and death .

“Have candles in your house”
At the same time, Greeks living in Germany spoke to the Star’s main news bulletin about the German Interior Minister’s suggestion and revealed that further instructions were given in addition to the food list.

They said about:

” They alerted the people and said that they should also have gas stoves in the house and candles in case the electricity is cut off for any reason.

What has caused a stir are the 600 shelters in Germany. These were deactivated and now they will use them again, they will prepare them again “.

“Have food for 10 days – The list of products”
In an interview with Handelsblatt, the minister said that “it is good for German citizens to be provided with basic food supplies in their homes.”

Nancy Feser justified the recommendation by saying that Germany was at risk of cyber-attacks, which could wreak havoc on key water and electricity infrastructure.

He even referred to a list published by the German Civil Protection, which presents an example of an emergency food supply.

“The goal is to be able to survive for ten days without going shopping,” said the German interior minister.

“10 liters of water and liquids, 3.5 kilos of cereals, bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, 1.5 kilos of meat, fish, eggs,” he said.

In fact, he advised the citizens to create stocks gradually and not to go shopping en masse and to create panic and shortages in the market.

Speaking specifically about the supplies that citizens should have, the minister said that citizens should refer to a special list of the German Civil Protection regarding the supplies that one should have.

-Drinking liquids: 20 liters
-Cereals, cereal products, bread, potatoes, pasta, rice: 3.5 kg
-Vegetables, legumes: 4 kg
-Fruits, nuts: 2.5 kg
-Milk, dairy products: 2.6 kg
-Fish, meat, eggs or whole eggs powder: 1.5 kg
-Fats, oils: 0.375 kg

Germany is also reactivating and resupplying cold war nuclear bomb shelters, many of which were closed down and not maintained for many years.

At the same time, the minister stressed the importance of Civil Protection, to which he gives “high priority”.

“We must step up now to deal with the various crises – pandemics, the effects of climate change, the dangers of war,” said the German interior minister. necessarily.

For these reasons, according to the German minister, it is important to prepare the country and its citizens at many levels, not only materially but also by creating stocks of food or medical supplies.

This affects not only technical issues, “but also supplies for food, medicine or medical supplies,” he said.

Speaking more specifically, he noted that “if the power is cut off for a longer period of time, it is definitely useful to have an emergency supply in the house.”

At the same time, Fischer revealed that an inventory of the country’s shelters is being made.

“There are still 599 shelters in Germany,” he said, adding that “there are shelters that are used differently today.

It makes sense to reactivate some of them. “

Folks I can’t stress enough how close we are to all out nuclear war and not just in Europe, Russia and Ukraine. There are also major tensions building between Israel and Russia as well which does not bode well for the Middle East, but that’s for another article.

The bottom line is this…when governments start telling the people that they better be prepped up, then you know the shite is about to hit the fan and hard! When this war happens it will hit hard and fast and communications including mobile phones and internet will be wiped out. Ham radios will work but to what extent we don’t know because no one has used them in a nuclear fallout situation.

Stay ready, prayed up and prepped up at all times.

Jordan Having Blackout issues Across the ENTIRE Nation!

And it’s not just the electricity either, it’s the entire grid from telephone, internet, and cellular networks, THEY ARE ALL DOWN!

Earlier this morning 5-21-21

As you can see according to this report from Roya News the outages affected the cellular and internet networks as well.

Friday, power outages were reported in different regions across the Kingdom, including Amman, Zarqa and Irbid.

Citizens and residents expressed frustration with the power cuts that have affected internet and cellular network connections.

One explanation that has been given by the Jordanian government is that a critical cable between Jordan and Egypt was cut. Whether or not this was cut by accident or on purpose is still unclear at this time. Given certain nations in the region and their experience with sabotage and cyber warfare it wouldn’t surprise me if something funky is going on with this blackout. Of course that is just me speculating but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was some type of sabotage.

It appears a cable was cut…

It appears that the power is starting to come back online now as I’m typing this but one has to ask the question, why now? With everything going on over the past few weeks one gets a tad paranoid, especially when the WHOLE NATION goes down and it’s EVERYTHING, not just the power grid but internet and cellular as well. I find it strange but maybe things are that fragile over there? You guys tell me, foul play or just faulty gear?

Either way stay ready! Prayed up and prepped up at all times!

Power is slowly being restored

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The Media Continue to Lie About the Coronavirus, How Many Lives Will it Cost?

The stories I’m reading about what’s really going on inside of China are horrifying. Not only are hospitals turning people away (while giving them useless antibiotics), but the virus has mutated causing people to simply drop dead on the spot. This is now starting to leak into the mainstream but they are still downplaying this when they should be calling for travel bans to and from China. The question now is how many lives will this “lying by omission” cost?

The videos and pictures that are leaking out are telling some of the real story but China has their own internal internet and they’re heavily censoring everything. The clip below was taken down from Weibo in China because it shows the truth in regard to how overwhelmed the hospitals truly are and how badly help is needed.


One good point a friend of mine made is that by lying like this the media gives people a false sense of security, especially in the United States. The real numbers they should be reporting are closer to 2.8 million plus infected and using their own conservative numbers of a 3% mortality rate there are 84,000 dead. Does it make more sense now why Beijing would CANCEL all celebrations of the Chinese New Year? The Chinese are all about appearances and social order. For their government to cancel these events is a huge deal that no one pays any attention to.

They have also closed Disney properties in Shanghai. They don’t close Disney down for ANYTHING unless it’s truly serious!

So once again I ask the question…How many lives will this lying by omission cost? The media appears to have caught the “lie about everything” bug. Their big job now is to keep everyone distracted by circus (impeachment hearings) and then lying about what people should truly be concerned about. You and everyone else around the world should be quietly picking up masks, colloidal silver, rubbing alcohol etc. Don’t forget food and water as most likely a medical martial law is coming and you may not be able to get supplies for weeks as the virus runs it’s course.

In fact here is a good prepping video that deals with pandemics.

Prepping is great but please remember to stay PRAYED up as well and use the no fear just faith scriptures like Psalm 91, Isaiah 41:10 and more! I’m also giving away a really nice prepping guide on Patreon. It is now free due to the ongoing crisis.

That’s it for now. Stay safe and stay alert! God bless and see you soon!


Six Tips For Not Losing Your Mind in A Survival Situation

Get Some Skills NOW

6 Tips to Not Losing Your Mind When in a Survival Situation

Life can be stressful as it is, but when you’re in a crisis, the stress can get much worse. Being a flood victim, experiencing a hurricane tear through your neighborhood, being in a warzone, etc. are all traumatic events and situations that can leave you with frazzled nerves.

If you are stressed out, very often you’ll be able to notice symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, uneasy stomach, sweating profusely and even dizziness. You get easily irritated and angry. Small things may startle or scare you.
You feel depressed and can’t concentrate. You may have bad dreams, negative thoughts and find it difficult to sleep. All these symptoms are related to trauma due to stress.

In this article, you’ll find 6 tips that you can use to combat stress and calm yourself down. While things may me chaotic, you’ll not be undone by them if you keep your sanity.

  1. Visualization
    This is similar to what people do when practicing the law of attraction. By visualizing peaceful images or desired outcomes, you’ll be able to mentally remove yourself from the difficult situation you’re currently in. Like they say, ‘It’s all about mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.’
    Visualize things getting better. Help arriving to ease your burdens, etc. Keep your spirits up with positive visualization.
  2. Deep breathing
    If you know yoga, that would be an excellent way to destress. If you don’t, try to take deep breaths to calm yourself down and oxygenate your body. Take a deep breath, hold it for 4 counts and slowly exhale. A few times of doing this and you’ll feel much more refreshed.
  3. Planning
    Planning makes you feel like you’re in control of the situation. One of the reasons so many people get stressed out is because they think that they’re not in control of the situation. They are clueless about what to do and this feeling of helplessness makes them panic.
    By planning your next moves and being proactive, you’ll feel in control and be less likely to get stressed. The very act of planning is a proactive one and keeps feeling of despondency at bay.
  4. Discussion
    Talk to your family members and whoever is with you about the situation. By communicating with others, you’ll feel better because voicing your thoughts is an outlet for your pent-up emotions.
  5. Exercise
    When it comes to de-stressing, nothing quite beats physical exertion. During a crisis, you’ll have a lot of physical chores to do. Keep moving and get as much activity and exercise as you can. When you’re engaged in physical activity, your mind doesn’t have time to slip into the doldrums. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.
  6. Routine
    Have a daily routine that you follow. Just because things around you are chaotic doesn’t mean that your life must be too. Having a routine and following it will keep your life predictable and less stressful during these tumultuous times.
    The usual stress management tips apply even during crises. So, make sure you’re familiar with a few techniques that work for you and employ them if you find yourself losing hope and your spirits are sagging.
    Mental toughness is all about finding fuel in an empty tank. Every prepper would do well to remember that when you’re going through hell, just keep going.

This is just one of many articles on prepping that I’ll be sharing in the near future. Many of you know I always say “prayed up and prepped up” on the show, this is the prepped up side of things. God bless and stand firm!


Prepping For A No Running Water Scenario

We have had some water issues here on our rented ranch home this past week. There are water lines for the horses that get chewed through by voles at times (life in the country) but yesterday the well pump just went “poof”. There was no water for the entire ranch including the horses.

Of course as luck would have it the way the pump has to come out requires a larger truck than they had on hand, so we won’t have a new one until Monday at the earliest. Thankfully my wife and I stay prepared for this type of scenario. Here are a few things we always keep on hand.

  1. Keep water on hand at all times! We use cat litter jugs (washed out) to keep toilet and cleaning water on hand. We also keep 10 gallons of drinking water on hand at all times.
  2. Water Filtration. We have a Big Berkey water system but we also have the straws and water filter bottles on hand for bugging out. The straws and water bottles are the most cost effective way to filter water if you can’t afford a Big Berkey. You may still have to boil your water first depending on what scenario you’re dealing with. Below is a picture of what the Life straw water bottles looks like.
  3. Back up Plan. We have a back up plan to deal with this very situation and it’s working well. One thing we’ve done is to know where else we could get water if our backup plan failed. We’re near a lot of RV campgrounds and RV fill stations and we have several we could go to if necessary.
Excellent Water Filtration and Portable

This is a short list and covers the very basics but having that water on hand was critical to not being panicked but rather ready to handle the situation. If I were you I’d start preparing NOW for a no running water scenario. You’ll have to adapt your strategy for your own living situation. I’m in the country so if I lived in the city I’d have to make a different plan.

Here is one blog post that teaches you how to clean without running water as sanitation is still going to be critical to maintain your health. You can dig into that article by clicking HERE.

Here is another blog post about surviving a no water scenario and general prepping tips for the city/urban dwelling. Read that one by clicking HERE.

There you go I hope this gives you guys some value and helpful tips. The world is shaking everyday and you could be facing a grid down/ no running water scenario at any time. Like I always say we need to stay prayed up and prepped up. This covers the prepped up side. God bless and stay ready!

P.S. If you’d like to buy a Lifestraw through us (comes with bonus items) please click HERE.