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Dr Christiane Northrup Discusses Covid19 Vaccine and the DNA Changing Technology that Lies Within!

This isn’t just about changing your DNA, it’s about OBLITERATING the last tiny bit of privacy you have and that is control over your own body. This vaccine will do several things all at once. First it will cull the herd and kill millions of people worldwide with the adverse affects including death. Second it will use nanotechnology to track everything we do from the INSIDE of our bodies with these nanobots that are contained within these vaccines. Then as this website has predicted for a long time, all of your information will be stored in the cloud, accessible by the patented quantum dot tattoo, brought to you by the Gates Foundation. Because they care. Right.

Please share this with everyone you know. The four minute short version is first, the entire interview is below. God bless!

4 Minute Version
The Entire Interview

Dr. Northrup’s Credentials: https://www.drnorthrup.com/about/credentials/

The Sickness is Real but its not what you’re being told

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As many of you know my entire family has had this so called virus. I was very sick and there were a few days when I wondered if I was going to make it. The storm inside of my lungs, kidneys and digestive tract were doing their job and I was dying. The day I went to the hospital my O2 was down to 83 and I was very weak. My xrays showed viral pneumonia but unlike anything my doctor (40 years in the field) had seen before. He said it was in patches throughout my lungs, not hitting all areas at once but in pockets.

I was sent home with a Zpack and some cough medicine which allowed me to rest/sleep. I was attacked by nanobots and so were many others. According to the research taken from THEIR OWN JOURNALS (See Celeste Solum) these things can be programmed to attack specific cells or portions of the body including fooling the immune system and then overwhelming it! Every survivor I’ve talked to experienced very similar if not identical symptoms as myself and my wife (who did not get nearly as sick).

According to the research I’ve done (and confirmed in the video below) I should’ve had a 2% chance of surviving it. That tells me that the POWER OF PRAYER did more than all of the juicing and supplements I took did. This is a bioweapon and it will be in the vaccines but it will be much worse! DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE! This will change your DNA, who God created you to be. It will kill millions, the same way they planned with the nanobots but they forgot about Psalm 91, 23, etc. God bless and have a great day!

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And here is the 6 part (so far) playlist I put on YouTube. It begins with the video below.