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Federal militarization of local police, sheriffs and National Guard under pseudo-permanent state of emergency/state of war.

This is from the Bailiwick News substack written by Katherine Watt. I’m reposting here so that more folks will read it and hopefully understand how dire the situation in the USA truly is and why the US Constitution has been dead and buried for a long time. This is why George “Dubya” Bush said that the Constitution is just a “GD piece of paper”. At this point that is all that it is, a piece of paper that held promise. Johnny

Reader comment on Is the power there or not?

They could not have done any of this without the enforcement arm of the law.

Has anyone looked into the legal structure of the police? Who pays them?

My current understanding by way of Fruit from a Poisonous Tree (Melvin Stamper, 2008) subject to more research, is that municipal police and judges, county sheriffs and state National Guard troops are deputized federal military agents of the President as Commander-in-Chief, operating through FEMA under the Department of Homeland Security, during the current emergency/state of war, from whenever it began — whether Civil War, 1917, 1933, 1972, 2020 or some other date — through the present.

They have no obligations to protect and defend ordinary people and our lives, liberties and property.

Many of them do not know this.

Stamper, Fruit from the Poisonous Tree, Chapter 12, War Powers (233-245) at p. 236-240:

Evidences of Emergency Powers

First, under emergency powers, there must be an active and visible occupation of the land by armed troops of the entity that declares emergency powers. This is called “open and notorious, armed and hostile, occupation of the land.” Is there an armed occupation of America? The answer, of course, is, Yes!

Under the guise of national emergencies (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc.), all National Guard units were federalized, and all policemen, firemen, highway patrol, state marshals and county sheriffs have been placed under control of the Guard since 1972.

They are all under the control of Federal Emergency Management Agency, called the Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force, which centralizes military and law enforcement power under the Federal government and the Commander-in-Chief, the President.

Though law enforcement officers may not know it, they are in fact a force occupying the land for the Federal government.

Our own neighbors hold us the people hostage.

The reason why active duty Federal forces are stationed in all National Guard Armories is obvious – to sustain the emergency powers control of the states and counties by the Federal government and to maintain martial rule in the hands of the President as Commander in Chief. By these means the Federal martial rule government maintains “open, notorious, and hostile, armed occupation of the land.”

Military law recognizes only municipal law. So, states had to create municipal courts to punish “infractions” of Motor Vehicle Codes. Such courts fly the flag of the Commander-in-Chief (solid fringed flag), as they are really an arm or an extension of the power of the President.

Their primary function is to collect war reparations through fines, penalties, etc. They all operate as quasi-military courts using summary court martial proceedings. This is why such courts try only matters of fact and why judges make and declare law on a case-by-case basis, without the controls of precedent or constitutional restrictions.

Municipal Court judges do this because they act for the Commander-in- Chief in the field under emergency conditions. Judges make any decision to resolve the case under Doctrines of Necessity. In such courts, the Constitution, Supreme Court decisions, and civil stare decisis are not permitted.

Under emergency powers the final authority is always the chief military commander, who in this nation is the Commander-in-Chief, i.e., the military office of the President of the United States.

This accounts for Executive Order landslides since F.D.R., who first declared – openly – his seizure of Emergency Powers in March 1933, again, by Executive Orders.

Executive Orders have the force and effect of law when published in the Federal Register, and by this means they become “Public Policy…”

By necessity, field officers (judges, highway patrol, sheriffs, etc.) exercise powers of life and death to maintain authority given them by International Law that prohibits lawful civil authority or constitutional mandates. Such procedures are too timely and clumsy for military or quasi-military operations. In sum, constitutional and common law precedents are too restrictive of Federal, State, County, and City power. Further, military courts exercise “benefit of discussion” that gives a court jurisdiction as soon as a defendant answers a question or demands any response or action of a military court, such as Motion practice or Petitions for writ…

One who hires an attorney-at-law cannot bring lawful process against an emergency powers court. Remember that attorneys are agents of the court and use only process allowed by the court that admitted the attorney to practice. All bar members are agents of emergency power courts, and most don’t even know it.

One must therefore never hire an attorney to appear on a case in an emergency powers court because doing so makes one “non compos mentis” – i.e., not mentally competent – and automatically gives the court jurisdiction over ones’ self…

What about the Constitution of the united States of America in all this? Without lawful process or authority, the Constitution is a dead letter, a façade manipulated at the Federal government’s whim, because lawful process itself is based on the Constitution and they are, thus, inter-dependent. In short, if one is gone, so must be the other. The government permits a defendant to raise constitutional defenses only when it suits their purposes and will not permit the defense when it is not in their best interest. For all intents and purposes, the Constitution is an illusion, kept by the government only as a pacifier for we the people, nothing more.

Lincoln set precedence for the subversion of the Constitution in the War Between the States in 1860 when he had printed non-interest money to support his declaration of war. His was the first “War Powers,” resurrected in 1917 and then again in 1933, and it has never been repealed since.

The Federal government’s use of the Constitution comes down to this: if Constitutional cites fit a Federal need, they are used; if the Constitution or precedent does not fit, it is ignored. In other words, the Constitution is optional to the Federal government, because after all, you answer to the “Juristic Personality” name, spelled in all capital letters, placing you in Equity jurisdiction without the protection of the Constitution…

Emergency powers are terminated in only three ways:

1. A Commander-in-Chief can terminate emergencies by Executive Orders. The emergency then ends on a specific date and time. But a lawful civil authority must exist (UN?) to which he may cede authority. The past ten Presidents have not seen the need to return the country back to the people, and I don’t hold out much hope of there ever being a President of that caliber who would do his duty.

2. If conquered by another, the conquering power can terminate emergency powers by its own Executive Order or decree. This point deserves some expanded discussion for reasons that will become clear below. Remember, the U.S. is, by International Law and Supreme Court decisions, a “foreign principal” with respect to the States. Further, Title II of the United States Code, the Congress, is not positive law, only Resolution. This means that a Title (USC) stands only until it is successfully challenged in the courts. Why is this? Did not the Congress abandon without proper recess the first Session during Lincoln’s administration in 1860? Does this not tell us why the U.S. flag flies over all state flags since F.D.R.’s Executive Orders on September 9, 1933? And is this not a sign of conquest over the states and the people when taken in conjunction with the changes in the “Trading with the Enemy Act” (1917) as amended 1933, language supplied him by the Federal Reserve Inc.?

3. The people, if they restore lawful civil courts, processes, and procedures under authority of “inherent political powers” and re-establish proper, civil and “de jure” government, can terminate the emergency.

Abatements are a primary tool in achieving a peaceful and lawful restoration of godly authority to this nation. You can see why abatements are one of the most important tools the people have. If the people lawfully resist any submission to emergency power courts, process and procedure, and respond to unlawful paperwork with lawful process, emergency powers are nullified, and become null and void, ab initio.

A question that may occur is: if the people restore lawful process and procedure, how do they restore lawful authority in the courts?

The answer is, by re-forming lawful jural societies, using remedies provided in the Bible, Christianity, common law, and assizing courts/juries in conjunction with the grand jury where necessary…

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WHO Whistleblower Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger Exposes Bill Gates and Gavi

I found this while on greater India while doing research today. I’ve included the interview below.

Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com

During the 41st session of the committee Dr. Astrid Stückelberger, a Swiss health scientist and researcher, blew the whistle on the inner workings of the WHO, where she worked for 20 years.

In a stunning confession, she says Switzerland is the center of corruption, and that GAVI and Bill Gates have total immunity from everything they do.

She talks about the “suspicious” activities of Bill Gates and the reservations she has about the actions of the WHO, GAVI and Gates.

Worse, when the pandemic began, she found that many breaches to international health regulations were occurring, and more.

The rules under which countries work with WHO virtually put WHO in charge of all rules and formal edicts and announcements — with Gates being right there as part of the executive board like an unofficial member state, making decisions that affect the entire world.

Main Article Link

Study on Bill Gates’ DTP Vaccine in Africa

The Bill that will Destroy Gun Ownership is Here

It’s called HR127 and it will create a new gun REGISTRY for not only firearms but also your ammunition. In fact some ammunition like 50 cal. or larger would be illegal immediately after this becomes law. Here are the penalties if you happen to get caught with said ammunition.

922(dd)(1) It shall be unlawful for any person to possess ammunition that is 0.50 caliber or greater. Whoever knowingly violates section
922(dd)(1) shall be fined not less than $50,000 and not
more than $100,000, imprisoned not less than 10 years
and not more than 20 years, or both

Yep they don’t want you armed with anything that may threaten them and their police state jack boots. Here is my video on the subject.

New Bill HR127

Fundraiser: https://gogetfunding.com/website-renewal-and-expansion/

Article: https://www.theburningplatform.com/2021/01/30/here-it-is-the-bill-to-destroy-gun-ownership/

Direct Link to Bill HR127: https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/127/text?r=90&s=1

Martial Law and How Life in The U.S. Would be Affected

We can look back to 1918 and get a glimpse of what it’s like to lose the 1st amendment under what was called the Sedition Act of 1918. Passed on May 16, 1918, as an amendment to Title I of the Espionage Act of 1917, the act provided for further and expanded limitations on speech. In the long run (and short run) it came to be viewed as a vast government overreach on the 1st amendment and it was used to stifle dissent on the US involvement of WW1, which was wildly unpopular at the time. Even the Supreme Court upheld it for the most part but thankfully it was repealed in 1920. Read more on it HERE.

Then of course we have the tyranny they’re trying to inflict upon us NOW in the name of keeping us safe from Covid19 and it’s various mutations. Of course this pandemic is a complete hoax (people are getting sick but there’s no pandemic) and the masking, social distancing, etc is all part of their plan. The trick was to get the American people to go along with it in the name of public safety and publicly shame (and snitch) on those who called it a hoax. Here are some excerpts from an excellent post I found on Survivor Dan’s Blog today.

“One argument is always presented by tyrants and their flock during the initial stages of social enslavement: “You can’t enjoy freedom if you are dead. It is always better to be alive, no matter the cost.”

However, what they fail to mention is that it is exceedingly difficult to enjoy being alive when you are a modern feudal peasant whose destiny is subject to the whim of power-hungry corporatists and madmen. There is nothing meaningful in that kind of life, just as there is nothing meaningful in the life of a cog in a great machine except to turn around and around. You can’t enjoy freedom if you are dead, but you also can’t enjoy living if you’re not free.”

And yet that is the kind of life some in America want us to lead, to “be alive no matter the cost” . Well to me that’s no life at all! I want and demand the right to be left along as long as I’m not harming anyone else. Alas that is not to be in the United States these days.

Then of course there is the Chinese Invasion rearing it’s ugly head again. I CANNOT VERIFY these stories but just in case I have presented them to you in the video below and I’ll put the links to it below that as well.

As Michael Snyder says in his endofthemamericandream blog today the only solustion to America’s problems is Jesus Christ. You will never solve a spiritual problem with a political solution. Many of us have said that over the last 10 years because it’s as true today as it was then. Franklin Graham was quoted in the blog as saying this:

“We are in trouble,” he said. “I believe God’s judgment is coming, for the sins of our nation are great and they are a stench in the nostrils of our Creator.”

I agree 100%! I don’t always agree with Franklin Graham but that is a true statement. God’s judgement is coming and our sins are a great stench in God’s nostrils. If you are not right with God NOW is the time to repent and ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior! There is no other way into heaven!

Today’s Video 1-12-21

Chinese Invasion CLAIM: https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/news-nation/multiple-claims-chinese-invasion-force-landing-in-canada-to-commence-physical-invasion-of-usa

Solution is Jesus

Sedition Act of 1918

As I’ve said, they will separate families in the name of “keeping you safe”.


Also Apple and Google appear to be colluding to censor any election fraud links or stories. The censorship is going next level. YouTube feels like a waste of time anymore except to tell you all that the main story is over here. Unreal. Prayed up and prepped up!

Alito story: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/justice-alito-slammed-left-after-questioning-constitutionality-covid-crackdowns

Phone story: https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/watch-are-phone-networks-now-censoring-links-about-election-fraud

Journalist says a CBP officer withheld his passport until he agreed he writes ‘propaganda’

I’m sharing this story from the Stamford Advocate with a heavy heart. Our President via the propaganda phrase “fake news” has brainwashed our civil servants into believing the press (and American public at large) are the enemy. We are to be harassed to no end and if we resist or protest then we are detained for hours and questioned about our patriotism. This won’t stay confined to the press. Soon your government profile will tell the agents not only who you are but what you believe in. If it goes against what the current narrative is YOU are in a lot of trouble.

It took a moment for Ben Watson to realize the officer was not joking.

Watson had just told the Customs and Border Protection staffer reviewing his passport that he works in journalism. Then, the seemingly routine Thursday encounter at Virginia’s Dulles International Airport got tense.

“So you write propaganda, right?” Watson recalled the CBP officer asking.

“No,” the news editor at national security site Defense One says he replied. He affirmed again that he was journalist.

The officer repeated his propaganda question, Watson said.

“With his tone, and he’s looking me in the eye – I very much realized this is not a joke,” Watson told The Washington Post on Friday. The exchange that ensued as Watson returned from reporting trip in Denmark – the editor says he got his passport back only after agreeing with the “propaganda” charge to move on – has sparked alarm about rising hostility to journalists as the Trump administration continues to attack the media as “fake news.”

Watson had heard a couple stories of similar encounters in the past, but says he did not realize until sharing his experience at Dulles just how many people in his field were reporting the same brand of harassment. U.S. airport border agents were at the center of several incidents that have raised reporters’s concerns this year.

“I’ve honestly never had a human attempt to provoke me like this before in my life,” Watson remembers telling his colleagues. “This behavior is totally normal now, I guess?”

Customs and Border Protection said in a statement that it is investigating the “alleged inappropriate conduct.”

“We hold our employees accountable to our core values of vigilance, integrity and service to country, and do not tolerate inappropriate comments or behavior by our employees,” the agency said.

Standards of conduct for the Department of Homeland Security, CBP’s parent agency, direct staff to “act impartially.”

An article from Defense One describes Watson’s full recollection of Thursday’s conversation. After the second alleged query by the CBP officer, Watson explained that he covers national security “with many of the same skills” he used as a public affairs officer in the Army.

“Some would argue that’s propaganda,” he added.

When the officer reiterated his question a third time, Watson says, he paused.

His wife had already circled the airport for 20 minutes. He figured he could get stuck for hours if he tried to call in the officer’s supervisor. So he gave in.

“For the purposes of expediting this conversation, yes,” he recalled telling the CBP officer.

The officer made Watson agree one more time before letting him through, Watson said. He says he’s filed a civil rights complaint with DHS.

“We are disappointed and concerned that any U.S. official would question a journalist, or any citizen, in this way,” Kevin Baron, Defense One’s executive editor, wrote to The Post.

Others in journalism circles and beyond were quick to point out chilling implications in the story.

Walter Shaub, an attorney who served as director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics until 2017, tweeted that incident should go to the Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General office for review.

“A customs agent withholding the passport of a journalist until he agrees to say he writes “propaganda” is actionable misconduct, even in Trump’s America,” he said.

A growing list of journalists say they have been startled by government officials’s harassment in a country that prizes freedom of the press. The encounters are raising fears that hostile rhetoric led by President Donald Trump and his allies are damaging reporters’s ability to do their job unhindered.

This spring, the World Freedom Press Index called journalists’s treatment in the U.S. “problematic” for the first time in its 17 years of assessments – and singled out “President Trump’s anti-press rhetoric and continuing threats to journalists” as driving the deteriorating conditions. The U.S.’s spot in the ranking has fallen for the last three years.

Journalists have been reporting run-ins with border agents for years, too.

In 2016, the detention of a Canadian’s photographer for more than six hours on his way to cover protests in the U.S. made headlines. Ed Ou said airport officers took his cellphones away for search after he refused to unlock them, saying he needed to protect his sources. When Ou got the devices back, he suspected tampering and potential data-copying.

As Andrea Peterson reported in The Post:

If Ou had already been inside the U.S. border, law enforcement officers would have needed a warrant to search his smartphones to comply with a 2014 Supreme Court ruling. But the journalist learned the hard way that the same rules don’t apply at the border, where the government claims the right to search electronic devices without a warrant or any suspicion of wrongdoing.

Several other journalists have described difficulties getting through airports in 2019.

In February, CBP apologized to a BuzzFeed journalist questioned at a New York airport about their news organization’s coverage of Trump and Robert Mueller III’s special counsel investigation. A few months later, a freelancer said he was detained by CBP officials for hours at an airport in Texas.

Then, in August, British journalist James Dyer described an “unsettling experience” as he flew into California to cover a Disney event. The film and TV writer said a CBP officer at Los Angeles International Airport called him a member of the “fake news media” and asked if he’d worked for CNN or MSNBC, two frequent targets of Trump’s criticism.

“He aggressively told me that journalists are liars and are attacking their democracy,” Dyer wrote in a viral tweet-thread.

He said he was allowed to move on after explaining that he was just trying to write about Star Wars.

CBP’s response at the time was much like its statement on Thursday’s incident.

“Inappropriate comments or behavior are not tolerated, and do not reflect our values of vigilance, integrity and professionalism,” the agency said.

CBP did not address broader concerns about its officers’s treatment of journalists in its Friday statement on the Dulles Airport incident.

Sickness From The Skies…Washington State Continues Gypsy Moth Spraying

Last May I did a series called “Sickness From the Skies” in which I covered the spraying for the gypsy moth in western WA. Even though the people didn’t want the spraying done (because it kills everything not just moths) they counties did it anyway. They had town hall meetings with county and state officials that ended up getting residents nowhere. Shut up and comply seems to be the prevailing attitude in almost all states today.

The madness continues this year as the state of WA is spraying for the moths again. Farms and livelihoods are being destroyed, people are getting sick, animals are dying or in severe distress but once again no one seems to care. I don’t understand how people can sit on their asses and do nothing while this goes on around them. I just don’t get it.

Here is the link to the playlist. Please share this with people you know so that they’re aware and so they know they’re not alone. This has gone on around the nation and people don’t know why they and they’re animals are getting sick. Below I’m placing a video I just received showing the distress these poor animals are in. God bless and please share!

Animals are in Severe Distress and Dying!