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Jordan Having Blackout issues Across the ENTIRE Nation!

And it’s not just the electricity either, it’s the entire grid from telephone, internet, and cellular networks, THEY ARE ALL DOWN!

Earlier this morning 5-21-21

As you can see according to this report from Roya News the outages affected the cellular and internet networks as well.

Friday, power outages were reported in different regions across the Kingdom, including Amman, Zarqa and Irbid.

Citizens and residents expressed frustration with the power cuts that have affected internet and cellular network connections.

One explanation that has been given by the Jordanian government is that a critical cable between Jordan and Egypt was cut. Whether or not this was cut by accident or on purpose is still unclear at this time. Given certain nations in the region and their experience with sabotage and cyber warfare it wouldn’t surprise me if something funky is going on with this blackout. Of course that is just me speculating but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was some type of sabotage.

It appears a cable was cut…

It appears that the power is starting to come back online now as I’m typing this but one has to ask the question, why now? With everything going on over the past few weeks one gets a tad paranoid, especially when the WHOLE NATION goes down and it’s EVERYTHING, not just the power grid but internet and cellular as well. I find it strange but maybe things are that fragile over there? You guys tell me, foul play or just faulty gear?

Either way stay ready! Prayed up and prepped up at all times!

Power is slowly being restored

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 A failure in Pakistan’s national power grid left more than 200 million people without electricity Saturday, local officials said.

The widespread blackout happened just before midnight, plunging the major cities of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar into darkness, Energy Minister Omar Ayub said. He added that mobile and Internet services also were affected.

Ayub said the power grid failed after high transmission lines tripped, causing the frequency in the distribution system to drop suddenly from 50 to zero. Officials said it could take several hours for power to be restored.

“Systematic restoration of power will be initiated soon,” representatives from the Energy Ministry said. “Once the initial frequency is met, the restoration work speeds up.”

“People are urged to remain patient,” Ayub said.

Prayed up and prepped up!

Source: UPI

The Theft of These Companies’ Source Codes Is Deadly Serious

I don’t know how much of the U.S. infrastructure is compromised by this breach of 3 of the largest anti-virus companies source codes, but it can’t be good. Not to mention the privacy and personal security concerns of millions of Americans who use these popular AV software systems. I recommend Eset but no AV software is foolproof. Prayed up and prepped up.