Biden family admits he died in 2019 and was replaced by an actor

Some of you have wanted to see this video and I found it. Decide for yourselves but I believe there are several people playing the role. That or he’s been cloned and they’re glitching, it’s one or the other.

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  • biden and trump..most likely all of them..NONE to be trusted. COME YESHUA COME QUICKLY!

  • WOW I can believe this

  • JUST A THOUGHT – look at Jamie Foxx and the stories going around about him and his health. Somone said he was a clone. His facial features are way ..WAY different than they were before.

    I have been hearing this for years about different celebrities Al Rowker (?) is another one that glitches ALOT and total went from a robust man to a very, very thin glitching man…they want to keep the ‘perfect’ image.

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