The Fake Alien Invasion is Coming Soon to the Skies Near You…

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My wife was even witness to 3 UFO orbs that were traveling down the freeway next to her last week. The alien invasion that is coming will be one of DECEPTION as these are demonic inter-dimensional beings, not extraterrestrial (from another planet) as Hollywood wants you to believe. Remember Jesus said “as in the days of Noah” when He was describing the time of His second coming. There were alien beings on the earth in those days as well, the same ones that are returning now. They were called the Nephilim and you will find them in Genesis 6. That may be what the witnesses in Vegas saw in their backyard last month.

Thanks to a subscriber we have the backyard footage above.

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  • Helen Alvesteffer

    Excellent Video!!! Thank you

  • Here is a video of the alien footage the kid name angel shot in his back yard,
    may be fake but may not be.

  • Folks, I’ve been gone for a while

    This is Going to happen!

    Great Work Brother 👏👏👏👏👏

    I’ve Seen them Myself!!

  • Don Miller Waldron Indiana you can Google him . Yes FBI RAIDED HIM but not for arrowheads Don held a top secret clearance above even the president. He held more “earned PHDs in engineering then I knew existed. He helped create the bombs dropped on Japan WW2 even the bunker busters used when the leveled BAGDAD but as he said as we watched on 5 of his computers as hell rained down. He laughed I told him that’s not funny he said your right it BETTER SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU, SEE THOSE “NEW” BOMBS, I HELPED DEVELOPE THOSE IN THE 1950S WHAT THE HELL DO THEY HAVE NOW, THATS BETTER SCARE YOU. THINK ABOUT THAT ! Then he warned me what was coming and if you are not totally gave your heart and soul to Jesus you will not make it you will be fooled. This was over 10 years ago he was 89 but got around better then me. My sister was adopted by Don his wife couldn’t have kids and he wanted to make sure his 3 museums and he owned a section of farm ground the whole country block, he left to certain christian charity’s. He said even then over ten years ago never believe what your eyes see, Jesus warned us these days would come. He worked inside many deep cover projects he said there’s BEINGS that work in all of them but they are not OF God they have worked side by side with them since way B4 1940s.
    They are NOT aliens , but fallen hybrids.

    • whatever, its been in face forever, , , , sounds bout right, 1940s ect, geoenginnerring early on, nasa forever, , , started by satanists, , , , whats the news?, , whats new under the sun?, gods creation?,nothing, , nothing, demon faces, weird clouds for long time what?, , , ,, large planes in the sky, seeming to stand still, hovering, and , even other, illusion own eyes, ?, , not likely., , military tech forever, plus the dang holograms ect, , combined with , geoenginnering planes, , , and a lot are planes hologramed, , ask me how i know?, , , , final nail in coffin, , so called flat earth crap, mans words, ok?, , , , bible seems to support, a flat plane, with dome above it., firmament, , either way, no damn fake globe, sattelite craps, nasa google, world forever, , , how real is , jesus?, , what he told us no matter what, few, narrow, but he shows, leads, , , , the flat earth stuff, anyways means nothing, , bad human wording, , , not a matter of salvation, period, , but man did they not make a stink about , that few yrs ago?, a non , nothing burger, for real, cause calls into question all , peoples thoughts, beliefs, confusions, ?

  • Jeffrey R Rocker

    Your right Johnny. God bless you and yours.

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