Due to popular demand I have put the links back up. Pray over whether or not you should watch it and if you do remember this is harsh subject matter. This is a small part of what they’ve done and believe me it’s much worse than this movie. You have been warned.

For the past few months I’ve been telling you about the mind control experiments that have gone on and continue to this day and now look at what just came across my path! I found an entire movie based on the very experiments I’ve been telling you about! Wow the Lord works in mysterious ways indeed!

I’m posting the trailer here but it’s available to watch on Tubi for free and I will put that link below. It’s also available for download on Telegram but I don’t want the website to catch a copyright strike so I’m going to put the link up but that is all. Now more on the movie itself.

Based on a true story about the human experimentation program MK Ultra conducted by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the 1960s, the film follows Dr. Ford Strauss, a psychiatrist who gets involved in a government experiment and conspiracy involving the use of psychedelic and other mind-controlling substances.

They makes movies about this because they know the masses are desensitized enough to watch it and think “it’s just a movie” or “they don’t do that anymore.” As I always say: They never really are just “movies” are they?

MK Ultra never stopped…more to come


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