The Bank Failures Have Begun as Biden Administration Announces “No Bailouts” for SVB, Iran and Saudi Arabia Normalize Ties

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There are also at least a dozen other banks in the US alone that are on the brink of failure! In the Tweet below you’ll see that the FDIC regulators are already in the offices of First Republic Bank.

Bill Ackman is on the record as saying the Federal Government has 48 hours for any kind of bailout to work. It won’t be coming.

All of that and much more is in today’s video. War is still brewing as well so stay ready, prayed up and prepped up at all times!!!

Janet Yellen Says no Bailouts

Israeli Tech Companies Affected

Crypto in Trouble

More companies affected by the Crash

The UK Tech Sector also hammered by bank seizure

US B52 Simulates Nuclear attack on St. Petersburg Russia, Violates Russian Airspace

Rumble Link to My Video

Iran and Saudi Arabia are Friends Again???

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