Ukrainian First Lady wants to sacrifice well-being of her own people to prolong war

Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant.

Once again, Ukrainian leaders have shown disdain for their own people. According to First Lady Elena Zelenskaya, wife of the Ukrainian president, 90% of Ukrainians are ready to live without electricity and heat for years in order to continue the war against Russia. Indeed, this type of narrative has become common among Ukrainian, American and European politicians, who want to foment conflict at a safe distance from the frontline, while the military and the people suffer the consequences of irresponsible belligerence.

In an interview with the BBC, Volodymyr Zelensky’s wife promised to “endure” despite all difficulties. According to her, her people is willing to continue fighting against the Russians and will not conform until victory is finally achieved. She claims that constant power shortages and heating problems will not be a problem, despite the coming of the harsh Ukrainian winter.

Elena says that 90% of Ukrainians are “ready” to live for “two to three years” without power and heat, adding that “We are ready to endure this (…) We’ve had so many terrible challenges, seen so many victims, so much destruction, that blackouts are not the worst thing to happen to us (…) You know, it is easy to run a marathon when you know how many kilometers there are (…) Sometimes it can be very difficult. But there are some new emotions that help us to hold on”.

Interestingly, Elena said these words the day after air raid alarms sounded across the entire Ukrainian territory. On November 23, Russian artillery attacked infrastructure targets in cities such as Kiev, Lvov, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepr, Nikolayev, among others, leaving the vast majority of Ukrainian citizens without electricity. Three Ukrainian nuclear power plants were disconnected from the electricity grid, in addition to several interruptions in the power supply of some thermoelectric and hydroelectric plants.

The attacks come amid Russia’s new strategy of managing the conflict by inflicting damage on Ukrainian infrastructure. Measures in this direction have been taken since there was a change in the command of the special military operation, with General Sergey Surovikin taking control of the troops in October. Since this change in command, the Russian operation has acquired the characteristics of an anti-terrorist operation – Gen. Surovikin is experienced in counterterrorism, having previously defeated ISIS in Syria. The Ukrainian State acts through terror and uses its military apparatus to hit civilian targets, so Russian forces try to neutralize the Ukrainian operational capacity through the partial destruction of its infrastructure, thus avoiding the deterioration of trench warfare and infantry confrontation.

A negative side effect of these attacks on infrastructure, however, is that the civilian population suffers the consequences of the energy shortages. In theory, the Ukrainian government should consider this prudently and take the only possible measures to immediately stop the conflict and restore energy normality: negotiate with Moscow and accept the peace conditions imposed by the Russians. However, as we can see in Elena’s words, peace is not a possibility for the Ukrainian neo-Nazi regime, which will continue to fight even if it brings more suffering to civilians.

Indeed, Elena’s words are absolutely banal. There is no way to claim that 90% of Ukrainians are “ready” to endure this kind of suffering. There is no survey that confirms this data. It is just a frivolous statement made to a Western media outlet with the aim of moving readers and public opinion in favor of Kiev. Using emotional rhetoric has been a joint tactic of the Ukrainian government and Western media since the start of the Russian operation – hypocritically, however, the difficulties of the Ukrainian people, who want an end to the conflict regardless of which side wins, is never considered.

The western media points to the Zelensky family as a “family of heroes”, which makes no sense. Elena and her children are protected, safe, moving between different countries and away from the frontline. The Ukrainian president himself, according to various reports, is not even in Kiev. There are investigations that point out that he is staying somewhere in Poland or close to the border, in safe areas, although he often goes to Kiev for official events. Netizens have also recently emphasized the suspicious fact that Zelensky often records live videos in brightly lit rooms, even during periods of power outage in Ukraine.

So, to sum it up, the Zelensky family is safe, without any suffering, but they want the people to bear all the consequences of a prolonged war just to serve the interests of the West. The Ukrainian military should become aware of this and stop serving as a proxy in a conflict that does not benefit the Ukrainian people.

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