“For Our Sin of Emissions” the UN Seeks to Change God’s 10 Commandments with 10+1 of Their Own to Fight Climate Change!

This all goes down next weekend, November 13th and 14th 2022! Soon Sunday will become a MANDATORY day of worship around the world as the Pope and other religious leaders seek to unite the world under the “Chrislam” banner. Now as predicted by myself and others they’re using “climate change” as the way to unite religion with state, exactly what the NWO needs to rule with an iron fist.

You see climate change and global warming has become the worlds new religion and we must respect “mother earth” according to their new commandments. While I agree we’ve destroyed our environment to the point of oblivion, this conference has nothing to do with saving the earth but rather controlling every aspect of it. They’re replacing God’s laws with mans laws. This is the final set up for implementation of the Noahide laws worldwide.

Bitchute Version of my Video

Climate Change Conference link

Newsweek Article

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  • Hi Brother !
    Are you aware that you are using a Seventh Day Adventist source (video) ?
    Yes, the subject is very serious and YOU are right in what YOU say but unfortunately using a WRONG source (to say the least) !!

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