Experts Estimate 20 Million are Dead, 2 Billion Injured Worldwide

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And now it appears that vaccinated mothers are passing on injuries and death to their unborn children, making this the most evil poison ever used against mankind. Yet the mainstream sellouts in the media and entertainment world (including sports, America’s real altar) are still encouraging people to take the boosters. The gaslighting continues and people continue to go along with it. The great delusion spoken about in 2 Thess 2 11-12.

My report is in the video and the links will be below that.

Vaccinated Mother Story

20 Million Dead, 2 Billion Injured

God is in your DNA, Don’t Change it

Altering Human Genetics Through Vaccination

Bitchute Version of my video

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  • And To Know that It’s just the beginning 💯
    Blindness to Reality is the Biggest Virus in the world today 💯

  • I left a comment about a Jamaican guy on bitchute he cusses but I’m used to that but he’s been a vax mark guy from day one his video of the stores saying they are using people’s veins as IDs BS it’s the chip that evolves after they get it. See how they roll out the mark and make billions think it’s a chip they put in when all along Satan made his mark use the metals in your bloodstream to build its self inside them and use your energy to emit your own code so sad billions are fooled I listened to MFATW ya I know but begleys wife is getting emails and calls of those that are getting stage 4cancers they told all it was safe they took it now they can’t hide the deaths, I PITTY the souls of all that told anyone it was safe. Hells eternal as Heaven

  • what is mfatw?, , ill look into it., , im sure you know paul begley, is a fraud, from day 1, however on another note, , there is another good channel on utube, that has a few really good videos, on the bible, and exposing the corruption, , in the churches, and the translations ect., and, the latest 1 is very, very good, , on how they been changing the old king james, ect., and how the early so called church fathers, , like luther, and waay before him, , deliberty, changed and added words, that, were, never written , in the , , scriptures, of paul, , ect., mysogenists, , for many woman pauls been a hard one to understand, paul , , apparently, never, said nor believed, those things, , they twisted, added, and ect. , , but well worth watching, , , explains so much, about this one subject alone., which relates to, many others., , this is a good, resource, these, few people are real, honest bible believers, not apart, of the ,many , many false doctrines, of the false churches, on many subjects.,,, utube called song of the bride., , god bless all, here.,

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