Video: Over 30 Years Ago Dr. Robert Willner Exposed Fauci’s Murderous Lie That HIV Causes AIDS

And that means that Dr. Anthony Fauci has been a MASS MURDERER for 40 years! The drug they used for aids, AZT, was found to be TOO TOXIC TO TREAT CANCER in the 1960s, but they decided it was just fine to bring back for treating AIDS allegedly caused by HIV. As you will hear in the videos, that drug had a 100% kill rate when used on AIDS patients. What kind of “science” says you should give a toxic drug to people with compromised immune systems? Western “for profit” science of course.

All of these “doctors”, government officials and the media people who were complicit should be tried, convicted and then executed for mass murder. Not just for the AIDS coverup but for all of their toxic bogus treatments including the latest genocide shot called Covid19 vaccines. The people are starting to wake up and the people I mentioned above will be hunted down and purged by mob justice. I’m not endorsing mob justice by any means but it is a fact and it will happen. It’s already begun in Australia, more on that in a different post. Here is more from

Fauci has LITERALLY been getting away with mass murder for DECADES orchestrating one fake pandemic after another!  This is a presentation given by Dr. Robert Willner where he accuses Anthony Fauci of genocide.  Dr. Willner exposes Fauci’s first major criminal fraud, the HIV causes AIDS hoax.  Fauci realized he could hijack the newly invented PCR process, call it a test and used it to manufacture the perception that a pandemic was occurring by simply controlling the number of cycles used in the process. This total FRAUD that HIV causes AIDS is STILL responsible for killing a never-ending stream of innocent people to this very day.  It’s a fraud that has generated well over half a TRILLION dollars in profits for Big Pharma by KILLING people with the most toxic drugs in existence.  Dr. Willner published the evidence to back up his claim in his book “Deadly Deception, The Proof that  SEX and HIV Absolutely DO NOT CAUSE AIDS.”  Dr. Willner even injects himself with the blood of someone known to have the HIV virus to prove his points! 

Dr. Willner: β€œFor nearly thirty years, Dr. Anthony Fauci has been an un-elected medical science bureaucrat directing the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH.) Not even subject to Senate confirmation, Fauci has amassed informal power over HIV-AIDS research grant proposals funded with billions of taxpayer dollars. Research directed and influenced by Fauci for over three decades has failed to find a cure for HIV disease, as the ever-morphing acquired immune deficiency syndrome is now called, nor has it yielded a vaccine against the purportedly pathogenic retrovirus. Dr. Fauci has misused public funds for a narrow view of AIDS research, but especially for recent β€œPrEP” trials that benefit one U.S.-based pharmaceutical corporation, the worldwide revenue leader in sales of HIV antiretrovirals, the Biblically-named Gilead Sciences Corporation, with earthly headquarters in Foster City, California.

In the first video you’ll hear a very simple easy to understand explanation of the Terrain theory (which I believe to be correct) that has been suppressed today as germ theory is what is used in Western Medicine. You can download Dr. Willner’s book in PDF format for free by CLICKING HERE!

The next video is the entire presentation.

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  • The book by RFJ Jr called The Real Anthony Fauci is very telling also. Everything in his book is cited with the facts. He is an evil murderer with no conscience.

  • Brother, I have No Words to Express how much I’ve Realized that We’ve been being Predictive Programmed Much Longer than We have believed!!
    Imagine Not having The Lord Jesus Christ πŸ’―
    He’s The Only Way, Truth and The Life πŸ’―
    I’m So Thankful for all the Work you do brother πŸ’―β€οΈπŸ™πŸ‘
    I’ve Always Wondered Why I’ve Never “” Fit in “” , Since My Eyes were Opened When I Gave My heart to Him July “76
    Thank You for Keeping the Truth Coming indeed brother πŸ’―β€οΈπŸ™πŸ‘

  • Like Paul Harvey used to say….. “” And That’s the Rest of the Story “”
    Great Work Brother πŸ’―

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