Russia claims Ukraine shelled prison that held Azov nazi POWs

This is what reports on Russian telegram reports are showing. Analysts like Gonzalo Lira have said that the Ukrainians are killing AZOV prisoners with HIMARS rockets ON PURPOSE! Why? Because they are beginning to spill the beans on what Ukraine, NATO and the USA have really been up to in Ukraine for the last 8 years!

Below is a video of the aftermath of the brutal rocket attack on the prison. Warning ⚠️ it is very graphic and so is the tweet below it!

Here is the telegram link.

As Gonzalo said in the tweet above keep in mind the Americans are running the show especially with the HIMARS rocket systems. This is the US and NATO criminals murdering their own to cover their tracks. That’s as cold and evil as it gets. That is what we’re up against.

Prayed up and prepped up!

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