What Happens if All the Plankton in the Ocean Disappears?

starfish crawling on wet coral reefs on seaside

The scary answer to that question is WE ARE ABOUT TO FIND OUT AS 90% OR MORE OF PLANKTON IN THE ATLANTIC OCEAN IS DEAD! Yes you read that correctly, 90%! This new study shows that earlier estimates of 50% were WAY OFF and that these new findings show that our oceans are almost completely dead because once the plankton disappears, so do the predator fish as there will be no food.

Then what about the polar bears, seals and other mammals who depend on fish feed upon? How many will starve to death? Eventually this makes it’s way up the food chain to people because so many billions live on or near the coastline! Many fisheries such as in Alaska have closed fishing grounds because there are no fish, there are no crab to catch! If this is happening already just imagine what’s next after the plankton is completely gone! I don’t think it’s going to take 2-3 years to see the results, I think we’re seeing those results now and it’s going to get much worse!

Here is more from Strange Sounds.org.

Scientists have discovered a catastrophic loss of life in our oceans… This is really bad. It’s the very bottom of the food chain…

An Edinburgh-based research team fears plankton, the tiny organisms that sustain life in our seas, has all but been wiped out after spending two years collecting water samples from the Atlantic.

The landmark research blames chemical pollution from plastics, farm fertilizers and pharmaceuticals in the water. Previously, it was thought the amount of plankton had halved since the 1940s, but the evidence gathered by the Scots suggest 90% has now vanished.

The scientists warn there are only a few years left before the consequences become catastrophically clear when fish, whales and dolphins become extinct, with grave implications for the planet. In the report, the researchers from the Global Oceanic Environmental Survey Foundation (Goes) state: “An environmental catastrophe is unfolding. We believe humanity could adapt to global warming and extreme weather changes. It is our view that humanity will not survive the extinction of most marine plants and animals.” Johnny here. Here is more on that in this short video about what happens when the plankton disappears.

Goes – based at Edinburgh University’s Roslin Innovation Centre in Midlothian – has been collecting samples from the Atlantic and the Caribbean from its yacht, Copepod. Setting out from Scotland, it sailed along French and Portuguese coasts before crossing the Atlantic. The yacht is currently moored in Cartagena, Colombia, before setting sail for Panama this week.

In addition to their own samples, the Goes researchers have provided monitoring equipment to other sailing boat crews so that they can perform the same trawls and report back with their results.

The team, led by marine biologist and former Scottish Government adviser Dr Howard Dryden, has compiled and analyzed information from 13 vessels and more than 500 data points. You can read the rest by clicking HERE.

Johnny’s Commentary

This reminds me of Revelation 16:3 “The second angel poured out his bowl into the sea, and it became like the blood of a corpse, and every living thing died that was in the sea.” Why? It’s simple because if these scientists are correct, if we lose all of the plankton everything in the ocean WILL DIE!

Does it surprise you that the powers that be have been LYING TO US about how bad it truly is? At this point it shouldn’t as they lie nonstop 100% of the time now. The truth cannot be found in the mainstream world.

This article goes onto say that the world will end by 2050 if drastic measures aren’t take and the root causes such as toxic chemicals and plastics. Here is what they said:

“CO2 reduction won’t even stop climate change; indeed, we will have catastrophic climate change because we have not fixed the primary root cause – the destruction of nature by toxic chemicals and substances such as plastic.

“We have two choices. We can choose to wake up, understand and address the real issue or choose the game-over button for humanity come 2050.”

I believe it’s “game over” for humanity much sooner than 2050. I’m thinking within the next 2 years! One reason I believe that is because I believe we are well into the tribulation and that it began in Sept. 2017. I know many of you don’t agree and that’s fine but that is what I believe.

Also Jesus said that if the Great tribulation weren’t stopped early or shortened “for the elects sake” (why would He say that if we aren’t here pre tribbers) that there would be no flesh saved or left at all!

For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be. 22 And if those days had not been cut short, no human being would be saved. But for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short. Matt 24: 21-22

So there you have it, the end of all life in the ocean as we know it is at hand! Before I sign off for today here is another quote from the article that is shocking regarding the coral reefs of the world.

“We surveyed the Caribbean from St Lucia to Grenada. Now the only fish available in restaurants there is imported farmed Atlantic salmon.

“It had been reported that 50% of the coral was gone; our observations were that the coral is 100% gone in many locations and 90% gone in all locations.”

My God have mercy on us, 90 to 100% GONE! DID YOU KNOW THIS??? I DID NOT! We are so close to the end and time is very short! Repent and return to Jesus Christ NOW while you still can!

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