Pope Francis Retirement Rumors Explode as He Cancels Trips and Cardinals Gather…

As I was finishing my video on WA I came across this Tweet From Megyn Kelly.

Then I did a little digging and here is what I found from TMZ and other sources…

Pope Francis may be hanging it up soon — stepping down as the leader of the Catholic Church — at least that’s the buzz in and around the Vatican.

There’s some unusual activity going on … and the backdrop to all of it is the Pope’s frail health. He’s been confined to a wheelchair recently … the result of debilitating knee pain.

The Pope also just canceled a trip to Africa scheduled for next month.

What’s fueling the resignation rumors is a meeting of cardinals that the Pope just scheduled … it’s highly unusual.

And, there’s this … back in May, during a meeting with bishops, Pope Francis addressed his knee issues, saying, “Rather than operate, I’ll resign.”

Italian newspapers are all abuzz over the Papal resignation rumors, but so far no official word. Source TMZ

So is he going to step down??? I think we will know sooner rather than later this time out. If Francis steps down Brother James Key and others are saying it will be Pope Sixtus the Sixth who will take over and become the false prophet. Here is that video.

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  • This information is To be Taken Seriously
    Folks, I don’t know how much More Has to be Shown , …. To Realize that We’re Literally Living Witnessing, .. Biblical Prophecy ….. Literally In Real Time??
    Great Delusion is Ongoing Indeed
    Thank You brother for Being the Voice… Crying Out , To Keep the Truth Coming!
    Always Praying for you and Yours 💯❤️🙏👍

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