New Zealand Adds a $15,000 fine or 6 Months Jailtime for Staying Unvaccinated!

Clarification update! It appears that this mandate is for healthcare workers in New Zealand, not the entire population…yet. Just wait it’s coming and not just for new zeal and but for everyone in the world that’s left after the big war.

I’m simply going to put the picture of the letter and the verbiage down below as that’s all that really needs to be said regarding this letter. In case you haven’t noticed they don’t GIVE A RIP if it kills you or disables you for life, they are making it mandatory anyway! Wake up, this is the mark of the beast!!!

A picture is worth a thousand words

I’ve typed out the letter for you in bold below as it’s hard to read off of the picture.

Covid-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 Legislation is changing and from the 1st of June 2020 it will be MANDATORY to be vaccinated against Covid-19/SARS-2. 

Our records show you have not received your first vaccination, this is necessary to keep yourself, your Whanau and the community safe from the harmful effects of Covid-19.

Any full and part-time workers (employed or voluntary, private and public) who fall under these roles must receive their first dose of the vaccine by 1159pm 1 June 2022.  They must receive their second dose by 1st August 2022.  If eligible for a booster, they are required to have this by 1159pm 1 October 2022 in line with the changes to the vaccination order that came into effect 1 April 2022.


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  • Coming to The Area Near You……
    Sooner than later!!
    We’re Long Past Being able to Do Anything about this ,…. That Ship Sailed Long time ago
    Be Ready for Anything folks 💯

  • Jesus/Yahusha is Savior

    Abomination of Desolation:
    ✅ Deception, Sorcery, Pharmakeia 💉 Revelation 18:23 & 19:20
    ✅ Causeth all (world-wide) 👵👦 Revelation 13:16
    ✅ No buy or sell 🚫 Revelation 13:17 Currently happening in many places.
    ➡️ NAME: Luciferase/Luciferin 🐍 Isaiah 14:12 Moderna Patent: US10703789 page 375
    ➡️ NUMBER: Vaccination 6️⃣6️⃣6️⃣ Revelation 13:18 Moderna Patent: page 375
    ➡️ MARK: Pierce, Edit DNA 💉🧬 Moderna Patent: CRISPR page 5, Chimeric page 22

    ⚡💡 Luciferase Enzyme (Bio-luminescence – Verification light of successful transfection and gene modification, assigns an ID number, essential for Blockchain Crypto currency.) 
    ⛓🗼 DARPA Hydrogel (Builds a pre-designed structure that attaches to your tissue, bonds to your central nervous system connecting you to AI, Creates an internal body monitoring system, allows the upload and download of information.)
    ✂️🧬 CRISPR (Transfection – Allows to Genetically Modify making you no longer human, Allows to create numerous different viruses within your body, enables the ability to control how you might die and when you die.)

    A U.$. $upreme Cour+ opinion states that DNA is not patentable, but cDNA is patentable. cDNA is complimentaryDNA, basically, changed DNA. Within the c0vid vaccine patents cDNA is mentioned multiple times.  DNA editing shot = patented, owned.

    • Yes,yes,yes. You’re so right. Yet, if you tell some this, they call you a whackjob and they just continue with denial, embracing the here and now and denying God Almighty and the afterlife. May God help them.

  • We know it will come to us.

    We will go to jail if is necessary. We must obey our Lord YAHUSHA.

    Thank you brother.

  • I live in NZ, unvaxxed and have NOT received this letter. This letter is for someone who works in the Health sector as they are still mandated.
    It’s not a general mandate – thank the Lord!

  • robert guthrie

    Oh, man. Those people have to give their heads a shake.

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