Pfizer Has a Getaway Plan

And the elites have kicked off WW3 in Ukraine and Europe. This is the endgame and it isn’t going to end well for them, not at all. Here is my video on the subject along with an excellent video interview with Naomi Wolf interviewing Edward Dowd as he explains the MASSIVE AMOUNT OF FRAUD involved in just the Pfizer vaccine trials alone. This is beyond belief.

Jesus said that in the end nothing would remain hidden. (Luke 8:17) Boy how right He was.

Pfizer Getaway Plan

And here is the Naomi Wolf interview with Edward Dowd.

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  • Johhny, I’ve been watching your vids for about 2 years now. I’m never logged in to YT, nor subscribed to anyone. I’ve been following “this stuff” since around 2008. Just wanna say: I think you are a good man; and I have come to believe that you are a “believer” of our Heavenly Father. So I send to you heartfelt greetings. Regarding the coming war, there are only a TINY FRACTION of YT channels who–I think–are covering it well…or even have the slightest idea of what is going to eventually manifest. You are one of them. I hope this public acknowledgement from a stranger makes your day a little brighter. Peace!

  • Do you know if Johnson Johnson vaccine is as bad? You never hear about them other than clots. What do you think of that?

  • Heads Up.
    By Omar Jordan
    The following information is a presentation of evidence, combined with my
    opinions, based on factual details available in the public domain. My opinions
    are based on the evidence. I do not claim to present an overarching or objective
    truth, and I encourage all readers to engage in their own research by following
    the links available in this document. It is up to each individual to research for
    themselves in order to determine whether or not your conclusions align with my
    assessment and analysis of the evidence. Consider this document a starting
    point to a larger body of research and more thorough investigation..

  • Excellent stuff!

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