Celeste Solum on Graphene Hydrogel & Quantum Dot Application

I’m shocked that this video was still available on YouTube but it probably won’t be for long so I have uploaded it here as well. In this video Celeste Solum tells us how the graphene oxide and the hydrogel/quantum dot tattos work together forming a network of sorts inside of YOU, if you took the jab.

YouTube Link

Here are more mainstream science videos from YouTube, showing you that Celeste Solum is 100% correct as she is reading from their own science journals. Look at this dancing hydrogel and see how it resembles the creature we have seen trying to crawl off of the slides when being examined under a microscope!

From 2018..If you took the jab these are having a party inside of you

It appears they need some type of signal or electrical charge to be controlled and guess what’s rolling out in big cities all around the world? Yep 5G although they don’t really need it to make this work but it will make monitoring everyone 24-7 much easier.

Here is more on how your cells work and the processes that they think they can replicate using nanotechnology. As in the days of Noah, all they will succeed in doing is creating monsters.

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  • All the things she says, Holy Spirit warned me starting almost 30 years ago. These tech came from demons (called aliens by those who lie). They will say the system is egalitarian. Really, there will be a “master” which can command all in the system. * And the nanotech has been in household and personal care products for at least 30 years, since they released the “Incredibly Shrinking Woman” movie (Lilly Tomlin).

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