The Nephilim – What made them so Evil and How They Tried to Corrupt the Seed

Hybrids Are still among us

The Nephilim were never supposed to be here. They were the result of fallen angels mating with human females and thus they had no God nature in their spirits at all but were instead abominations who had no faith in God but only in themselves.

They relied on their physical prowess and superhuman abilities and thought that they had no need of God. Being born of EVIL angels and human females they took on the traits of their fallen fathers and corrupted ALL of God’s creation, including the animals by cross breeding them. In today’s video we get into all of this and more.

You need to understand what happened then in order to understand what is happening today and why the leaders of the world can be so cold blooded. “As in the days of Noah” Jesus said. We are here. Repent, time is short!

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  • Excellent teaching on the Nephilim, Johnny! This stuff is so important!

  • We don’t like that God allowed the evil angels to mate with humans but God’s plan was perfect and we need to respect and honor God’s decision. We need to walk with out Spiritual eyes open and listening with Spiritual ears in order to walk circumspectly.

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