A Young Believer Shows us the VERY NEAR FUTURE as the Mark of the Beast System Rolls Out!

Anastacio Manuel Sal posted this on Tik Tok and it was then sent to me by a subscriber. I uploaded it here to the website because YouTube would take it down as any talk about the Mark of the Beast has been banned and it will get you a guideline strike.

This is it folks, there’s no getting around this one! This is the technology they will use to keep you from buying, selling or trading without the mark!

Can’t buy or sell…

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  • Rebecca Veenendall

    can you tell me what walgreens was this at

  • god bless this youngman, ive seen several different, videos, sorta like this, within the the last 3-4 weeks, in differnent stores, , not just walgreens not my own personal knowledge, but footage on so called conspiracy websites with full videos, but not at this level,, , their, the other videos, just showed the percursury., and this guy shows them fully installed, with all the tech , the nope guy, above ,fool., fool, this is what is goin on, even if we dont see it in our neck of the woods just now, by grace of god, but, just the same this is what thier doin, , , did you see, or know in india, i believe, thier is , real footage, on camera of ordinary, people so fed up they are tearing down, 5 g towers, with thier hands, ?, well of course they need more than thier bare hands , like a bulldozer or something,, to help, but yes, we , dont never know or get any truth, around the world, news, , especailly in our own country, controlled forever, it may not be india, but it is happenin somewhere, hope you, all fakers, keep denying and loving and trusting your, fakeass world, , whatever that means for you, i dont follow, all the voices, goin on this mans site,, use your own god given dissernment , if you have any. that goes without saying, for all of us. ,but he definitly, is a real voice, if you cant see, the real, , , all the real and waay too many, voices , and evidences , ,gods been using thier , tech, social medias ect. for years, to show us,, us. fools , we are here, , face it or deny. either way, we all livin in these times, the real and only god the father of heaven and earth and his only begotten son help us all,, we here, , no denial., just simple workin class here, no aspirsations, , god has showed me so many things in real life,in trials of real life, no damn churches , , no extended family, just be gratefull everyday for what he;s delivered us from, never forget, , and 1 day at a time, because , thats what it really is for any of us. rich, poor, doesnt matter, never did,just sayin,

  • oops sorry i miss read, i thought some one posted i would not go to his account, so sorry please diregsard, previv, i thought someone was disregarding, the , obvious and dangerous in our face truths, so sorry, please dont post the previous, for i totally, missread,, dumbass myself,, so used to the fake, posters, i”m sure you know what i mean, sorry it was never meant for you anyways johnny, i just missrea post, lookin for the denier, and of course thank god , you aint that., please excuse and dont post , im so used to the deniers, between you and me, glad you , look first, and read thouroughly before really posting, , it happens., my baad.,everything i posted is real, how i feel, but , i totally, miisread , what was being said., in this time its all too common,we see too much, of the phoney baloney, , so called, believers, and thier comments, i hope you can forgive me, it wasnt aim’d at you, and i totally didnt barely read the comment you left, , im just so used to , the ones in denial, no matter what, tired after long day of work, so sorry., nothin on you man, , thanks for catchin, before posting, thank you

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