Heartbreaking, Breathtaking and Ominous Footage of the Volcano at La Palma Island!

Hey everyone! Here are some breathtaking videos I’ve found around YouTube of the volcano at La Palma! I’m also going to include the short documentary about the POSSIBILITY of a massive landslide that would then cause the Mega Tsunami everyone keeps talking about!

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First up is a video from Gutentog YT channel from October 29th 2021. I have followed this guy and his wife Nina since this past March when the volcanoes in Iceland started going nuts. This is his second trip to La Palma and I’ve NEVER heard fear in his voice or seen it in his eyes before until now. The ground would not stop shaking and I think he was shaking a bit as well!

Gutentog Channel

Here is a short compilation video on La Palma that I just came across today. It shows how powerful this volcano is and how the walls of lava are destroying everything in their path! This video has some spectacular footage!

Below is another angle on the main cone of the volcano and you can here and see the EXPLOSIONS as it was quite loud and active last night 10-29-21.

From Nick Thomas TV

Here is a “Rolling Lava Bomb” that one of the official photographers caught yesterday (10-29-21) as the volcano was spewing out more lava and rocks!

And last but not least is a documentary from Nat Geo of the possibility of a landslide that would then cause a Mega Tsunami for the East coast of North America.

Long Version

Here is a short 4 minute version of what would happen if the landslide breaks loose from La Palma.

And there you go. The very real possibility of this landslide exists and will persist until La Palma goes quiet and most scientists agree they don’t know when it will stop. This eruption could last another month or more, no one knows for sure. Prayed up and prepped up as always!

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