• Very well explained Leeland! Another question to you brother, how long the people live with Motb? Is it years? Because a greath death will soon happen if we are in tribulation? The angels are given power to death, is it same as 3-4 billion will pass away?


    • I’m watching the 11/10 and 11/11 events. 11/11 will be 20 months since pandemic announcement on 3/11/20. And delta variant is telling us 4 x 5 months or 20 months of stinging until the first bowl starts the judgment on this folly.

  • stuart Emilios angelides

    Loved the video Leeland. Thank you for the blessed message

  • Well. Whether you guys out there believe it or not; I will share 2-visions The Lord allowed me to see.
    1. The first vision I saw involved N.Y…i saw a Humongous Wave, that towered over the George Washington Bridge.
    2. The 2nd, was a Wave so Enormous, that the Entire Continent of Africa was wiped out.

    I know, to the average human intellect, this IS OUTRAGEOUS. But I will say, with God, NOTHING is impossible with HIM, when Judgment is RELEASRD WITHOIT MEASURE..WOE unto ud, if we are still here, when things are unfolding!

    • Both those visions make sense with what David orour**? (Repent and prepare the way on YT) has been saying. Massive judgment to Kenya and US coming.

  • I started following the LaPalma situation very closely which through that actually led me to find Lelands videos almost a month ago…. I had a dream about a week ago that I felt the Lord was trying to give me a message about the end times but the only part that I remembered strongly was the word millstone…. I had no idea what this meant but now after watching this video I’m wondering if this was the purpose😳🙏🏼Wow!

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  • We are at the 4 year mark of the tribulation.

  • Elisabeth Willemina Vaneveld

    Hello Leeland, good to see you.
    Glad I finally found you.
    Lizzy from Aus 🇦🇺.

  • there are many people seeing visions of an asteroid hitting Puerto rico.

  • Check out Jacob Israel on YT he has a lot to share about this year being significant with 666.

  • Menendez Cristina

    So happy you come back.God bless you,bro👍🏳️💎

  • I have read Jer 50 51 and has always remind me of USA. Total destruction of Babylon. Old Babylon.
    Yet one thing: Babylon WAS rebuilt, WAS inhabited again.
    The daily sacrifice is the the Holy Eucharist completely outlawed after Pope /Church is destroyed-Rome.
    (Mt Aetna also active now).
    Jesus will not return until every Jew confesses him Lord And Savior- Their TRUE Messiah.
    One of the two faithful witnesses will be Islamic Mahdi- spirit of Elijah- They will fight A/C to the death.
    Hard times always last longer than I have hoped
    GBY – I LOVE all you work, your calendar, etc.
    It is a Joy To read the Bible looking for gold 😊!!!

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