Wars and Rumors of War News 10-27-21

Today we start with the border situation between nuclear powers India and China. India for it’s part has slammed the Chinese government for passing a new law regarding its borders as India claims it could adversely effect the ongoing border disputes. From the San Diego Union Tribune.

India criticized China on Wednesday for passing a new land boundary law which it said could impact the two countries’ long-running border dispute.

Indian External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said India expects that China will avoid taking actions under the new law that could unilaterally alter the situation in India-China border areas.

Talks between Indian and Chinese army commanders to disengage troops from key areas along their border ended in a stalemate earlier this month, failing to ease a 17-month standoff that has sometimes led to deadly clashes,

Chinese lawmakers approved the law at a meeting on Sunday of the standing committee of the National People’s Congress.

It stipulates that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China are sacred and inviolable. “The state shall take measures to safeguard territorial integrity and land boundaries and guard against and combat any act that undermines territorial sovereignty and land boundaries,” it says.

Bagchi said India and China earlier agreed to seek a fair and mutually acceptable resolution of their border dispute. Read the rest HERE.

Even the Council of Foreign relations, definitely a pro New world order organization, has weighed in on the border disputes between India and China and how it concerns U.S. foreign policy. While the author seems to favor bolstering India both economically and militarily as a bulwark against China, he also urges caution as no one knows how much China will tolerate what it perceives as U.S. interference in it’s own backyard. Here is more on that article.

Successive U.S. administrations have sought to nurture a more robust U.S.-India strategic partnership to counter an increasingly powerful and assertive China. Now that the U.S.-China relationship has entered a phase President Biden has described as one of “extreme competition,” the importance of closer U.S.-India ties has only risen. But so too have the risks, particularly those associated with the possibility of an armed confrontation between China and India. Aside from potentially drawing the United States into such a confrontation, conflict between China and India would threaten to disrupt the global economy, undermine regional development, and have considerable humanitarian consequences depending on its eventual scale. If India is weakened militarily and economically in the process, its value as a counterweight to China and the broader U.S. goal of countering China’s regional influence would also be undermined. Read the rest here.

Next we move over to the Ukraine where the Ukrainian army has used a drone in combat against a Russian artillery position inside the Donbas region. Here’s more from UAwire.org.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces used Turkish Bayraktar drones in the Donbas  for the first time.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the drones were used to destroy the enemy artillery that was firing near the village of Granitne near Donetsk.

Ukraine purchased the drone systems from Turkey in 2019 and up until now used them only for reconnaissance functions.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, this time a drone was used to strike howitzers, which were firing at the positions of the Ukrainian military.

One Ukrainian soldier was wounded after pro-Russian militants began shelling Ukrainian positions. The Ukrainian Armed Forces sent a request for an immediate ceasefire through the OSCE, but there was no response, the Ukrainian General Staff said.

Bayraktars were used because “the Russians were firing from a distance of more than 15 kilometers”, and this is “too far for the Ukrainian Armed Forces to be able to identify and destroy the firing positions using standard means,” said volunteer Roman Donnik.

The Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov revealed the details of the operation, citing informed sources. According to him, the pro-Russian militants shelled positions of the Ukrainian 93d Brigade using D-30 howitzers near the village of Granitne. As a result of the shelling, a Ukrainian serviceman was mortally wounded.

“Response” arrived very quickly in the form of a combat Bayraktar TB2 drone, Butusov said.

“For the first time, the Ukrainian Armed Forces used Bayraktar during counter-battery warfare, and the Russian howitzer was destroyed by a guided munition,” the journalist wrote.

From Express UK

According to Butusov, the Russians deployed their artillery battery right on the road without hiding it. They were sure that this would go unpunished, as they were firing from a long distance.

According to Butusov, Russia uses electronic warfare and air defense systems in this area. However, the Russians could not detect the drone.

“After this strike, the Russian artillery crews scattered through the bushes, and this artillery battery stopped its fire,” the journalist wrote. More on that story here.

Russia for it’s part is NOT happy about these developments and has warned Ukraine about escalating the conflict by using these suicide drones from Turkey. From the Express in the UK.

RUSSIA war fears have been sparked after Ukrainian armed forces destroyed artillery equipment on Tuesday.

Russian officials have also accused Ukraine of attempting to escalate tensions in the region.  

“Only Ukraine’s plans are becoming more evident and clear.

Kiev is deliberately seeking to ruin any formats of agreements and their implementation.”

Further claiming its pursuit for peace, Vladimir Putin insisted Russia was committed to implementing the Minsk agreement. Read more here.

That sums up my war/rumors of war report for today. Please share the information with those you know! God bless and take care!


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