Governments Always have an “Exercise” Right Before Major Events

Remember 9-11? 7-7 in the UK? I could go on but there always seems to be an exercise of some kind simulating events that then happen in real life shortly thereafter! In this case it appears that the US Government conducted Mega Tsunami exercises for the US East Coast back in March of this year, 2021!

In this article from, it gives out the details of the simulated mega tsunamis that would strike the East Coast should a major earthquake occur in the Atlantic Basin, very very close to La Palma island where the current eruptions and earthquakes are taking place.

Are you and your local officials prepared for a potential destructive tsunami along the US east coast? While most associate tsunami threats with the Pacific basin, as last week’s strong New Zealand earthquakes and Tsunami Watch in Hawaii demonstrated, officials are preparing for the possibility of similar seismic activity in the Atlantic basin that could threaten the U.S. East Coast and the Caribbean by launching two separate drills over the next 2 weeks.

On March 11, through the CaribeWave ’21 Tsunami Warning System Exercise, officials will drill for two hypothetical earthquakes.  At 9am ET, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center will act as if a 8.0 magnitude earthquake strikes at 18.2 North 75.3 West near Jamaica. At the time time, an even more powerful 8.5 earthquake will strike near the Northern Lesser Antilles at 18.9 North 62.4 West.  In the drill exercise, a simulated tsunami striking portions of Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, and portions of Central and South America will be practiced with the first quake, while a broader, more impactful  tsunami will be simulated with the second.

The March 17 LANTEX21 drill will simulate an even more powerful 8.8 earthquake in the North Atlantic at 8am ET. The quake, centered at a depth of 9 miles at 36.0 North and 15.0 West will drive a potentially destructive tsunami towards  the U.S. and Canadian East Coasts. Rest of the article here.

Gosh it all sounds so familiar, especially the March 17th drill that drives a destructive tsunami towards the US and Canadian East Coasts! Below is my video today that talks about this issue and many others surrounding La Palma.

Also here is a video of the waves.

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