I’m still blown away and I found it hard to believe that the FDA would allow dissenting testimony regarding the Covid19 shots! One doctor said that the risks for the young and the healthy far outweigh the risk of getting hospitalized from Covid! They are starting to have to admit what’s really going on and they can’t keep covering up the death! Listen to their own doctors say there have been at least 150,000 deaths, not the 12,000 or so VAERS is showing!

I will let the video do the rest of the talking. Thanks to Health Impact News for posting this on bitchute. I will post their link below.

FDA Testimony on Vaccine Dangers!

Health Impact Bitchute Link

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  • Maybe the injections are a trojan horse for a different technology to come forth. Will they eventually say those that took the jabs will need gene editing CRISPR technology to cut out the m *RNA technology that was put in them…? See Dr David Martin’s video about CRISPR technology. Makes you wonder.

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