Coronavirus Planned for the Mark of the Beast

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Injecting the World

This is part one in a three part series I am doing on the vaccines being the mark of the beast discussed in Revelation 13. You can expect parts 2 and 3 to be released over the next couple of days and they will clearly show how and why these “vaccines” are clearly the mark of the beast.

These video reports will consist of different videos from Leeland Jones and others that have been BANNED from YouTube because of the truth they contain. Leeland’s videos were taken down back in March 2020 for example. I think you’ll be amazed at how much we talked about THEN is coming to pass NOW.

Here in part 1 you will see several different things. First what the vaccine passport system is and why its so dangerous. This also helps show you that this is the mark. Also Leeland’s video will show you the prophetic significance, how this was planned for a long time and how the governments of the world, especially China, are involved in its creation.

Part 1

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  • Thank you Lord Jesus. Great to see you brother Leeland. A prayer answered indeed.
    It’s a refreshing change to hear a man who I trust šŸ™

  • Thank you so much Leeland for being faithful to the Most High! Thanks for also caring about your followers and keeping us up to date. May Yeshua continue to bless and keep you safe.šŸ™šŸ¾

  • I had not seen this video so this is a treat. Thank you Johnny and thank you Leeland. You are both in my prayers.

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