“Smart Mark” of the Beast Preview in a Cartoon and more Predictive Programming

Mark of the Beast Tech

This so called “smart mark” is in a kids cartoon on Netflix called “Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters” and once again it’s about predictive programming as they get everyone ready to accept the mark of the beast aka the Quantum dot tattoo. Here is the video.

The “Smart Mark”

Then there’s the TV series on Amazon Prime called Utopia. My wife and I are watching it now (on a Prime free trial) and I must say it is both intense and violent. I would recommend prayer and putting on the full armor of God prior to watching it because like I said it is intense and very violent in spots.

Amazon isn’t being subtle at all in this series and it is very intense predictive programming. In this scene they’re telling you what the jabs are doing and what their endgame really is and that is eugenics and population CONTROL. Then of course think about the TIMING of this series such as when it finished filming and what else was going on at the time. Here’s an excerpt from Hal Turner.

Utopia: filming was announced to be completed on October 17, 2019. “Event 201” was held in New York City the next day simulating the spread of a deadly virus . . .

Afterwards, a “novel coronavirus” magically appeared in China and now, people are lining up worldwide for a “vaccine.”

Watch the 5 minute video and . . . THINK what we’re actually encountering

Guys this is their endgame along with a new world religion, cashless money system and of course getting everyone the jab/the mark! Please don’t take this shot and do NOT participate in their upcoming cashless society! Remember you can’t serve both God and money, it never works!

God bless you all and if you haven’t I urge you to seek a relationship with Jesus Christ NOW while you still can. Time is short.


  • The original was much better. Suggest watching that one. Produced in 2014 in UK. That was several years ago. I wonder if there was no pandemic would this show be discussed. Cartoon super creepy.

  • Everything is happening so fast, as planned.
    It is good that you rest and stay still brother.
    We will pray for wife also.
    Check “newatlas.com for all science and others latest news.
    Thank you for keeping us well informed.🙏

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