This Should Give You CHILLS! Think 10 Times Before Getting The Jab…

This is a video I found while researching for my latest blog entry. When I came across it I stopped what I was doing and decided I needed to share this with you all NOW!

In this video you will see what happens when a Russian investigator found the information required (on the dark web) to hack into his friends Sputnik Vax! What they found is that his friend was/is transmitting data to someone in real time via 5G! The best thing to do is just show you the video. I found this on Hal Turner Radio.

You are a GMO 5G Antennae if you Take this shot!

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  • So evil. Thatโ€™s why they are calling people sheeple ๐Ÿ‘. We are in the end times just as the prophets prophesied in the Old Testament, and in the book of Revelation chapter 13. We must pray pray pray that no more will take this death shots and jab. In Jesus Name!!!! Amen ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป!!!

    • Theres one person that sees the truth.As she says we are not near end times, we are IN end times!

  • criticalthinker55

    Yep, came ACROSS this video yesterday. And the SHEEPLE who got the jab will just laugh & think it’s cool.
    Have you seen the video of the guy at the bar being interviewed by the bartender & the customer tells him his blue tooth is trying to connect to him & also the guy walks next to the TV & it ask if he wants to connect?
    Freaky but we should not be surprised.

  • Rebecca Respect2Glory

    Show us how to login and search for our loved ones, to prove to them that they are doing this.

  • Wish I could hear what is being said when you are not speaking. Your voice is loud and clear. Thank you. (-:

  • Kevin Boudreau

    This is how we know we’re entering the Biblical end times.

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  • This is no surprise.The tracking, when widely known, will be claimed to be good under the guise of protecting us from the covid virus as well as other diseases that will no doubt make an appearance. What it really is is control of the masses on a new scale thanks to advance technology.This is leading up to being mandatory and you will not be able buy or sell or travel,etc unless you are linked to the system. Does this sound familiar? Think back to that Biblical warning about the mark of the beast.They had no language back then to describe it but a mark involving a body part and numbers nails it,wouldnt you say. Unfortunately people are too fearful of losing all they have worked hard for-their jobs,homes,possessions,etc so they will submit like sheep and die like sheep when their masters say.Time has come to choose between darkness and the light.

  • Two years ago I wrote the book: “The Spark, It’s What They Want”. There is much more to Transhumanism. It is related to the UFO phenomenon. The book is a true story and is loaded with the science to back it. Please take the time to read it. It tells you more than you could ever imagine and just where transhumanism is going. For the most part Amazon makes it unavailable. I’d recommend not getting the Kindle version as it’s contents can be erased. You’ll want to pass this around. It can also be purchased at Barnes and Nobel.

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