The Chinese are Experiementing with animal and human Hybrids, Super Soldiers, and Much More!

It’s not just the Chinese either as I’ve shown you guys in other videos in the past. The US has their hands deep into the Super Soldier programs through DARPA and I’ve shown you the statements from the Syrian ambassador to the UN, asking the US to please remove their super soldiers from the battlefield in Syria. I’ll repost that video below as well.

Here is the video I premeired on YouTube today, 5-1-21. I took it down because of the words I used such as vaccine and gene therapy. I’m 99% sure it would’ve been pulled down and a strike issued which would take the channel down again. God bless and please share this with everyone you know! There is so much more going on than people realize!

Human Hybrids of Today, The Continuation of the Genesis 6 Conspiracy

Chinese Hybrid Article

Jurassic Park Article

Syrian Ambassador Video from last year

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