Wisconsin Doctor Loses Her Baby to Covid19 Shot, UC Berkley Has Extreme Lockdowns, Entire school District Closes

Yes an entire school district closed because of adverse reactions to the Covid19 shots. I have no idea why pregnant women (DOCTORS NO LESS) are playing Russian roulette with their babies’ lives but this is the 3rd one I’ve heard about this week alone!

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CDC Fraud

UC Berkley

Wisconsin Doctor

School District Closes Due to Adverse Reactions

Asymptomatic Spread Rare

Masks Don’t Work

Dr Tempenny Video


  • God Bless You Johnny. Thank you for bringing us the important REAL news.

  • My Lord, how can ppl be so stupid. I’m sorry to use such a harsh word towards ppl I don’t even know but my gosh! This is just insane & you’re right, it won’t stop, they will reach their ultimate goal which is transhumanism- the patch will be next and they will just keep on and I’m sorry to say but dang, ppl are so Unbelievably ignorant that I believe they will willingly walk off the cliff with no push ! 🤦‍♀️ God bless you

  • Well i guess this is how we are separated.
    Some look to pharma and do what corporations tell them to, with out question.
    Some look to Jesus Christ n have his testimony, n do what Jesus and the prophets advise them to do.

  • OMY they just won’t leave the children alone!

    MODERNA Seeking TRIAL Participants as Young as Six Months

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