US Government Issues New Alert over Domestic Terror Threat

According to Joe Biden there is a new extremism and if you don’t agree with the government and it’s narrative, then you are a potential extremist and as such a potential threat that needs to be monitored 24-7. According to Joe Biden there is a “rise in extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism” that needs to be dealt with.


  • The only extremism in the US is coming from the communist regime that has standing troops on U.S. Soil. Biden is an enemy of the American people.

  • This plan is moving along very fast. None of the people I know even realize what is happening. Only my son knows and all glory to God for removing the scales from his eyes. The rest are blinded. They are worried about higher taxes and what they will eat for the super bowl.
    Thank you Johnny

  • Christine Sargent

    Yes tribulation is here and putting my trust in the lord Jesus.

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