What is Synthetic Genomics? How is it Used in the new Vaccines?

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It’s starting to feel like I’m living in a Star Trek movie involving the Borg, their synthetic/organic enemy who wants to “assimilate” every other being in the universe, then make them serve as drones in their giant “collective”. Sounds like something Ray Kurzweil would approve of and it’s one of the reasons Jesus has to return when He does or “no flesh would be saved”, Matthew 24:22.

Remember it was Satan’s goal to corrupt the DNA/Genome of mankind “in the days of Noah” so that Jesus could never be born. Noah and his family were the only ones left with pure human DNA so God preserved them in the ark. Now Jesus Christ is our ark and only by keeping our faith in Him can we avoid these DNA altering shots and remain true to our creator.

In these videos and articles you’ll see for yourselves how all of this research is inter-connected and how quantum computers has played a role in moving this along. First up is my video from today and then I will post the Dr. Geordi Rose videos and other articles. God bless and please share the knowledge with everyone you know. This isn’t a game or entertainment, this is for where you’ll spend eternity.

My video report 1-3-21
Summoning the demons with Quantum Computers
Quantum Computing, AI and Synthetic Genomics
Replacing Men with Machines

What is Synthetic Genomics?

Who is Synthetic Genomics?

Post Genomic Vaccine Development

Use of Genomics in Vaccines

Synthetic Generation of influenza Vaccines

Patent on Compositions and methods for enhancing gene expression

God bless and please share!


  • If people would only listen. The MSM is now going ahead to discredit anyone that thinks for themselves, calling us all conspiracy theorists, just as they are ripping apart the “Nashville bomber” saying he believed in lizard people. They are waging their campaign to make it unpopular to go against the narrative. If you don’t think they way they want you to, you are crazy and deserve to be laughed at. People don’t want to be laughed at. They are afraid to even look at the truth. The only way they get satisfaction in life now is to post the same garbage everyone else posts on Facebook. Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!
    Thank you Johnny and God bless you!!

  • Hey man. Thanks for all the work you do.. I watch all your vids.. I just have a way I download them, I don’t watch through YouTube.

    Just wanted to say, I apretiate you.
    God bless Brother.

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