Has the Civil War Begun? More updates on the Nashville Explosion, New Updates will be Ongoing

I received some interesting info from a subscriber who sends me a lot of info and I found this Tweet VERY interesting indeed. I will put the image with the ALLEGED plots and players involved below. I will also include the link from the original poster NC Renegade.

There is a lot more going on here than meets the eye. That Twitter thread has a lot of theories and a lot of circumstantial evidence but there isn’t a lot of HARD evidence yet. We know there was a DEW weapon involved and a cover story of an RV, but we also have reports of black military choppers on the scene for an hour before the explosion, police on scene at least 30 minutes prior to the explosion and FBI, ATF and others seemingly ready to deploy. Something stinks I’m just not sure exactly what yet. I’ll keep looking. Please keep sending stuff. dontspeaknews@protonmail.com.

Something Stinks
Original Twitter Thread

Here is a video I did this morning with the evidence of the alleged DEW that was used in Nashville.

UPDATE 602pm Pacific Time. Here is another interesting take from the Florida Maquis. Did we repel an attack from a foreign enemy?

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