Strong Delusion

I came across this post while doing research the other day and I found that not only did I agree but that it put into words what many of us have been thinking. You can find the original post at we only want truth.

Wow. A whole lotta “Wow”. That’s about all I can say at the moment, as well as a huge number of people. I want truth and only Truth. This Scripture keeps coming to me over and over, the last few weeks: “And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie”, 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11.

Why are they believing a lie? Why strong delusion? Because they reaping what they sowed; being given over to what’s in their heart; continuing on in the “pleasure in unrighteousness” (vs. 12). There is a marked difference here: people who want real truth, verses those who want the truth to be what they think; or how they believe it should be. That is religion and denominationalism: OUR truth or OUR politics. Folks, there is only God and Satan; Good or evil; Righteousness or unrighteousness. There is no mediocre half-way good point or purgatory to bake in awhile till you get good enough. There is God and His Way, or not. Remember, any other way is from the thief who is trying to steal, kill and destroy, (John 10:10).

I’m almost 40, a Marine Corps combat vet, small town rural America from the lower mid-west; middle of the country, kinda where I’ve heard and seen all walks of life at one time or another. I’ve never heard, nor especially thought I’d hear, serious, open talk of civil war #2. I never thought I’d see blatant, open fraud, with so many videos, pictures and witnesses to it, but then have that all be OVER-LOOKED like it’s all not true! Strong delusion. The powers that be have taken our Constitution and shredded it, ignored it, disregarded it, all right in front of the HUGE MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION, and they don’t care and don’t believe We The People will do anything about it. It’s not about Trump or not Trump; not about Democrat vs. Republican; it’s about being silenced and falling under tyranny. Political Correctness and tolerance led to apathy and complacency, which led to thievery and lies for truth, which is leading to slavery and destruction. Deuteronomy 28, Leviticus 26, the prophets, the Bible; it’s all there.

Strong delusion. How is it with so much evidence of corruption on both sides of the aisle, it just keeps going and grows, unless it’s being allowed by God because of our nation’s blatant disobedience to Him? It makes sense no other way. Countries around the world have been watching the U.S. and are now hanging their heads saying, “It’s over. America is no more.” Go, look and research for yourselves, it’s out there. We once were a shining light of hope to the world but now we have and are becoming what we used to fight against. It goes back beyond this 2020 election of course, but this is just the culmination of fallacies. Absolutely stunning. So very much being over-looked and disregarded. Again, Wow.

Now the dream God gave me is even more telling, and the other dreams He’s given me that I haven’t posted are right on track as well. So, it looks like we are headed for Civil War #2, and unfortunately, I don’t see much of a choice. Under this extreme corruption of Biden/Harris we have been told from their own mouths, religious freedoms (meaning Christian preaching) will be curtailed as hate speech, and many other freedoms will be taken away. Look at history; when these kinds of ideologies and people get “voted” into power, they never get voted out; they have to be rooted out by force. That is not what I want nor what We The People want, but what are we left with now? It is the end times and more and more people do not want to hear the Truth, they want the truth that they choose, which is not Truth, but lies. There is only One Way, Jesus; not all paths lead to God. You can’t side with Pro-Choice, lukewarmness, homosexual lifestyle tolerance, drunkenness and drug tolerance and lifestyle, greed and lust, and still think you are walking with God and have His blessings upon you; person or nation. “Be ye separate, saith the Lord” Separation from the worldly society and all its “fun”. Eternity is more important, and there is more satisfaction and pleasure in close communion with God than anyone loving the “world” can ever know.

There are going to be some very hard choices that have to be made in the VERY near future. There’s going to be hard things that need to be done that haven’t had to do before and don’t/didn’t want to do. Remember this: people have free will to do what they choose to do, no matter how much you wish they’d listen for their own good and Salvation. I pray people would wake up and listen, but there are, unfortunately, those who chose darkness rather than Light. A hard example is Deuteronomy 13. God tells His people Israel to kill false prophets rather than tolerate them because they will lead His people away from Him to their own destruction. Stop the cancerous evil from spreading so more don’t get deceived and pulled away. But look at us, tolerance, political correctness, lukewarmness and here we are so lost and out-of-control we can’t stop the tail spin. No matter how things happen now or what happens, we must fight to keep Jesus as our focus and the Salvation of others as the goal. We must defend other people that cannot defend themselves. We must not tolerate evil and think it will go away by itself in 4 years or in due time; sin and evil only grow until they are dealt with: in our hearts as well as with a nation. Sin is not to be tolerated but cast out. Teach each other so we may learn and change by the Holy Spirit’s guidance, but never allow any sin to remain so we can play with it because it is wrong.

So, what’s next? We’ll see shortly. Do not condone tolerance of wickedness in your life, someone that’s supposedly a “Christian” or in this nation. We are called to repent, and move closer to God, not stand still in our sin and wickedness and claim grace and mercy. He is grace, mercy and love so that we will be drawn to Him and away and out of our old selves, not carry on in how and who we used be. James 4:8, “Draw nigh unto God, and He will draw nigh unto you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.” Be ready for anything now, and remember our nation is about to fall into violence and we will be invaded. Listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance, for He is the only “prep” you can rely on.

By deltaoscare4

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  • My entire google account, gmail and YouTube (even viewing) disappeared since I emailed you.

    Maybe I wrote somethings “they” didn’t like… in a comment somewhere on YouTube and/or to you in the email.

    I do not put up YouTube vids at all so wow! Totally freaky.

    Wonder if it will “reappear” later…

    So just a heads up….they are serious about squelching speech, but I can’t help that I receive dreams about things…blessings

    Maybe best for yourself not to email me back…only other working email I have.

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