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It appears that the Matrix movies along with the Minority Report movie will be reality in the near future. As WEF co-founder Klaus Schwab said in a recent interview “the great reset will lead to a fusion of our physical, digital, and biological identity”. This becomes even more real when you start to realize that these new vaccines are not meant to keep us well but rather are new biological IDs that change who you are with their mRNA technology.

Now we see that they can get these nanobots directly into our brains using nasal swabs or “Covid19 testing”. I put some of what I’ve learned over the past few days into the video below. Some of it you’ve seen, most of it you have not. Some of it will blow your mind.

My advice would be to not get tested and definitely DO NOT take this DNA changing vaccine! They are not safe and YOU ARE THE LAB RAT! THEY HAVE NOT BEEN TESTED ON PEOPLE UNTIL NOW! Don’t let them get these things into you, these nanobots are bioweapons that can kill with the click of a mouse. Stand firm in the faith and say NO.

Tracking you via vaccines…

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