More proof that the covid-19 tests are garbage and should NOT be trusted

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At the end of March I was tested for Covid19 at the VA Medical Center where I live. Five days later they called and said I had tested positive for Covid19 (you can read about the experience here.) My question now is was it really a positive test and if so positive for what? I ask that because my research is showing me I could have tested positive for one of 36 different coronaviruses. Not only that but a large number of the the tests that have been given are showing false positives AND false negatives. Here are some excerpts from a WSJ article exposing how the test kits are assembled and it’s not very sanitary or lab like.

“Fillakit LLC was established in Florida in May, six days before winning a $10.2 million contract from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to produce liquid-filled tubes for Covid-19 tests, federal and state databases show.

Several former employees said dozens of workers sit side-by-side filling test tubes by hand, with cooling fans blowing dust around. Teresa Bosworth-Green, a retired science educator who worked at Fillakit for about two weeks in May, said she witnessed vials containing debris and bugs being packaged for shipment. “The environment is not clean at all and certainly not sterile,” asserted Ms. Bosworth-Green.

One worker sent an anonymous complaint this week to Rep. Jackie Speier (D., Calif.), alleging that “Fillakit is delivering inferior and unusable product to the government without oversight or accountability to the taxpayer.” An aide to Rep. Speier confirmed receiving the complaint.

Food and Drug Administration guidelines call for the liquid-filled tubes to be sterile, to avoid contaminating the test results. After patients are tested for Covid-19 with a nasal swab, the swabs are put into tubes to keep them clean for transport to a lab.

Dust, hair or exhalations from unmasked workers could contaminate the test tubes and produce false results, said Catherine Klapperich, a Boston University biomedical engineering professor who is in charge of a new Covid-19 testing lab at the university. She said such kits should be assembled in a completely sterile environment.

Testing for the new coronavirus is critical as the nation reopens, health experts said, and states and businesses have been rushing to procure testing kits as the federal government has stepped away from overseeing Covid-19 testing.

FEMA so far has received more than 3.1 million units from Fillakit, and has sent them out across the country, according to a government official. “All states and territories should have received an allocation,” the official said.

The former employees said Fillakit is managed by Paul A. Wexler, 51 years old, who in 2013 settled an accusation by federal regulators that one of his companies defrauded cash-strapped consumers during the 2008 financial crisis.” Read the entire story HERE on the WSJ.

Wow there certainly appears to be some massive fraud going on in regards to the testing (more taxpayer $$ gone for nothing) as the company in question just FORMED IN MAY AND WAS AWARDED A TESTING CONTRACT!!! The liars, thieves and crooks in the Trump administration are EVERYWHERE and the final take down of America is happening at lightning speed while some of you want to argue about masks “cuz you might kill grandpa”. Not only that but the founder Paul Wexler defrauded his companies customers during the 08 financial crisis and now this company (registered to his wife) is making contaminated test kits! The company hired a bunch of temp workers at $15 an hour and the only requirements were to speak English and have a drivers license.

Here’s the extensive training they received to assemble test kits that supposedly mean life and death…

“Temporary Position assembling Covid-19 Test Kits,” said an online Fillakit ad, offering $15 an hour. Having a valid ID and being able to speak English were the only requirements listed.

Mr. Wexler on the first day introduced himself as the company’s owner, and introduced his wife and another top manager, several former employees said.

“Find a table, put 2 milliliters of solution into these tubes, then cap ‘em and put ‘em in a bucket. That was the training—five minutes,” Ms. Green recalled.”

If the virus were a true pandemic then the test kits would be VITAL and should be considered a NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE but they’re not, why? Because its NOT REAL! This is just more political cronyism at its finest and this administration is one of the best at it. They are LOOTING THE TREASURY and robbing us blind, yet people want to continue the mask debate? Come on folks!

The sickness/virus is real as my family and I have had it and recovered. However the numbers they keep talking about and this second wave are all lies. It is a hoax on a worldwide scale and many more have died and will die from the results of the lockdowns rather than the bug itself. We are witnessing the largest collapse of the global economy in recorded history and the effects will be felt worldwide. Soon we will see famine erupt on a scale never before seen and wars will happen as a result of that.

We are in the end times and time is short. Seek Jesus Christ today while you still have the time. God bless and stay prayed up and prepped up!


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