The Coronavirus is a Bioweapon Designed to Defeat Your Immune System

The reports on this subject just keep on coming. This so called “cold virus” is nothing of the kind. Do you really think the Chinese would be reacting with such massive actions if this weren’t deadly? Do you really believe any “official” numbers the Chinese or the mainstream media in the west are telling you? If you’re waiting on the media and the governments of the world to assure you this is deadly it will be far too late.

Two separate components of genetic sequencing from HIV-1, the virus which causes AIDS, were added to Bat-SARS-Like coronavirus in the laboratory, thereby allowing it to infect human lungs via the ACES2 receptors in our lungs, and to disrupt the human body ability to fight it off, by reducing human leukocytes. This was just recently discovered and it needs to be peer reviewed but if true definitively PROVES this is a bioweapon.

There is no way in nature that the Bat coronavirus could fortuitously acquire the two HIV genetic sequences, without causing a mutation of the Virus Envelope. The ONLY way the virus envelope could obtain the HIV genetics and still remain 100% identical to the 2018 sample, is if the HIV genes were added in a laboratory.

So what the human race is now facing, is an accidentally-released military bio-weapon. The original Bat-SARS-Like Coronavirus was identified by China’s People’s Liberation Army, through the Institute of Military Medicine, Nanjiang Command in the year 2018. They uploaded the virus sequence and they were the sole entity in possession of the virus.

Of course by even suggesting that this is a weapon can still get you put in prison in China (or worse) and get you banned from social media in the US. has been banned from Twitter, at least for now. I’m not afraid of them, we have to get the truth out. I did a video about this subject yesterday and I’ll embed it below.

In the meantime please understand this…your best and only real shot at defeating this thing is prayer and immune system prep. The masks and goggles are not going to stop this thing. In private experts are telling myself and others that lots of prayer and a strong immune system are your only chance. Prayed up and prepped up, just like we always say. God bless and stay safe!

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