War, What Was it Ever Good For? Or Better Yet Who is it Good For?


Stories like the one I’m about to share with you HERE disgust me as an American and as a believer in Jesus Christ. However facts are facts and the truth can be ugly. America has needed to face these ugly truths for quite some time. The war in Afghanistan has been the longest in American history and yet you hardly hear a peep about it on the news. Now supposedly there’s peace on the horizon between the Afghan government, the USA and the Taliban.

This “peace process” is nothing more than the US trying to get out without anymore casualties while trying also save face. The national government that they put into place won’t be able to stand without the US backing them up. According to this story the Taliban aren’t really obligated to much other than letting the US leave without more casualties. I suppose they (the US) also want some guarantees the opium will continue to flow uninterrupted. How that works out remains to be seen but it has been a huge cash cow for black ops.

You see the opium trade was almost wiped out under the Taliban. They wanted nothing to do with it due to their version of Sharia law. Once the USA went in there back in 2001 the opium trade started to explode once again. Once that began some US combat troops where assigned to watch over acres of poppy fields. Very little of that news was able to trickle out but then along came Pat Tillman. He was a star NFL defensive player but decided to give that up to serve his country after 9-11. He was killed by “friendly fire” and the US Army has changed it’s story multiple times. The rumor is that he was going to expose what was really going on in the “war on terror” in Afghanistan and the Bush administration wasn’t going to let that happen. You can watch his story HERE and decide for yourself if you’re not familiar with it.

Getting out of Saigon 1975

Now here we are 18 years later and we have to ask ourselves what did we accomplish? It’s almost a mirror image of 1975 as the North Vietnamese were closing in on Saigon. The videos of the US helicopters taking off with people hanging off the skids are still haunting to this day. Now we are seeing history repeat itself in Afghanistan. The videos maybe won’t be as dramatic but we’re going to be leaving behind a war torn nation that will be worse off than when we came. The Taliban will overrun the national government in short order, probably weeks. The status quo from before the US went in will be re-established and all of it will have been for nothing. The Afghans aren’t better off and now they will be abandoned by the world once again. The US has spent billions of taxpayer dollars and lost over 3,400 lives with many more wounded and maimed for life. The cost continues at 22 veteran suicides and counting daily.

The only ones who will have benefited from all of this war will have been the military industrial complex, the bankers, the spooks (CIA,MI6 ETC) the contractors and of course the drug lords. Everyone else loses in war. Everyone. It always takes the highest toll from the civilian population both in blood and in coin. We in the US are paying the price in not just taxes but a crumbling infrastructure and a rapidly decaying social structure. We stand on the precipice of possible civil war whereas 18 years ago on 9-11 we were supposedly united. How ironic, dontcha think?

I rambled on a bit more than I thought I would but it’s time we face the hard truth about this war and others like it. The US has no right to keep imposing it’s will on everyone else and face no repercussions. You can bet your bottom dollar that those repercussions will be coming. God is not mocked. He will repay the US and others (Israel, Saudi Arabia) for their war crimes and other numerous crimes against humanity. I’m not looking forward to that day and I mourn for the USA I used to know. Yes I know it was the great “experiment” but it’s too bad it didn’t last. Now the US has become a police state in every sense of the word and this “war on terror” hasn’t benefited anyone but those in charge.

God bless and stay prayed up and prepped up! The King of Kings and Lord of Lords return is soon at hand! Revelation 3:3.

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