Welcome to The Police State Where They Get Away With Murder

Keeping Their Boot On Your Neck

The Houston Police Department has a major cover-up going on in the case of the Tuttles, the Houston Couple who were gunned down in their home earlier this year. Police accused them of being suspected drug dealers and that they were forced to shoot the dog then shoot the Tuttles.

Now the family has released the results of their own private forensic investigation and the results are shocking. According to TFTP.com “According to the forensics experts hired by the family of the victims, the officers who suffered bullet wounds during the raid on the innocent couple’s home were shot by their fellow cops.”

Of course this is in direct conflict of the Houston PD narrative where they actually threatened people over the airwaves against contradicting their story. This is yet another example of police that have zero accountability as they close ranks to protect their own. Where are the “good cops” to call out the bad ones? Whistle blowers sometimes end up dead so they shut up or they quit and try to work somewhere else.

This will continue as the police keep getting unchecked power from the legislatures and the courts who refuse to hold them to account. These days one has to wonder if you’ll survive a police enounter. Will they give you a ticket and let you be about your business or will they pull you out of your car and beat you half to death because they thought you looked funny? in today’s America that is now a crap shoot.

You can read the rest of the article I quoted above at this link to the Free Thought Project.

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