Where is Waldo/Juan? Guiado Goes into Hiding After Failed Coup in Venezuela

Where’s Waldo/Juan?

According to various reports Juan Guiado, self-proclaimed President of Venezuela has gone into hiding after the failed coup attempt on April 30th. It appears that after the total failure of the coup attempt the atmosphere in Venezuela has become hostile towards opposition figures. This has led to all of the participants to seek shelter in other Embassies or in other countries.

It appears that President Trump and his NSA John Bolton were both fooled by Venezuela’s Army Chief General Padrino. Padrino convinced Abrams, Bolton and Trump that he had the support of the military and the coup would succeed, all while remaining loyal to Maduro. This allowed Maduro to unmask other conspirators including his intelligence chief, Manuel Ricardo Cristopher Figuera.

Once again the people in charge in the United States while evil and psychotic are proving very easy to fool. Here is one of the sources I used to research this information. In it you will find links to other sources and so on. https://bit.ly/2GXfKPT

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