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Vitamin D Fraud ALERT!!

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Editors note: Here comes another post some will hate on but it doesn’t change the fact that you can’t bottle sunshine! It’s another lie we’ve been told all of our lives, just like cholesterol causes heart attacks. Shane Ellision has given me a whole different perspective.

Beginning in 2015, Shane’s books helped save my life and I reversed type 2 diabetes using his methods and supplements. I highly encourage you do read this blog with an open mind and remember how many times big pharma and doctors have lied to you over the last 3 years. Now ask yourself would you really put it past them to sell you a “sunshine vitamin” when it’s really in fact POISON??? I have zero doubt in my mind, just look at the baby powder that was full of cancer causing crap that they finally admitted to after how many decades??? Now the jabs??? They don’t have a great track record folks. Johnny

From Shane “The People’s Chemist” Ellison, M.S.

– Bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry
– Master’s degree in organic chemistry
– Abandoned his career as a pharmaceutical chemist
– Helps people ditch their meds to live young
– Author of 3 Worst Meds & more

If your doctor prescribed “vitamin D” or if you’re choking it down in a multi-vitamin, pay close attention…this short history lesson could save your life.

As a former chemist for Big Pharma, it’s very clear that vitamin D is the biggest fraud in medicine.

Here’s how it fooled everyone…

In the early 1930’s, some chemist-dude working for Pharma learned that as sun rays beamed down to earth at light speed – 670,616,629 miles per hour – our skin produced a family of hormones known as secosteroids.

Secosteroids are colloquially known as “sunshine hormones.”

Together, they yield numerous health benefits once spawned by the body.

Seeing great profit potential in sunshine hormones and their healing benefits, Big Pharma went to work manufacturing a copy cat in their money-hungry labs.

(Never mind that sun exposure is free…)

In that pursuit, they narrowed the scope of our sunshine hormones and postulated that it was a single isolate that was responsible for the vast, biological benefits of sunshine…then they made a toxic chemical derivative and labeled it a “vitamin.”

Most people were dumb enough to believe it.

Once successful in designing their “Franken-chemical,” they launched a fear campaign against the sun. The people forgot that our ancestors referred to the sun as, The God of Medicine.

Fearing the sun, the entire food industry systematically contaminated our vitamin and food and milk supply with the newly produced sunshine-hormone mimic…and made billions through food “fortification.”

They called it Vitamin D.

Sounding healthy and beneficial, vitamin D fortification became a hot marketing term in every isle of every grocery store throughout the US.

Demand was successfully created.


Today, Big Pharma cartels BASF and Hoffman La Roche are the largest manufacturers of the synthetic hormone isolate everyone knows as Vitamin D.

But Vitamin D is not a vitamin!

Cooked up in sterile, chemistry labs, the white powder is crammed into a capsule and labeled the sunshine hormone.

So popular, old ladies now brag about taking the “drug disguised as a vitamin” to their hairdressers, friends and family.

In reality though, it’s as close to being a sunshine hormone as a tootsie roll is to being chocolate.

“Vitamin D is not really a vitamin,” wrote scientists for The New England Journal of Medicine. And that’s because it’s a toxic drug made by pharmaceutical chemists…your body has ZERO requirement for it. For something to be a vitamin, it must provide your body with an essential nutrient.


Since synthetic vitamin D is a drug, foreign to the body, and not required for survival, it’s technically a fraud – an impostor posing as a vitamin. It has “vitamin like” activity, which initially tricks the
body into thinking that is has sunshine hormones…But this biological ruse proves to be devastating to the heart and arteries, as seen by its usefulness as rat poison.

Before the vitamin D scam was fed to consumers, the deadly “D” was fed to rodents as a means of eradicating the pesky creatures. In their report, “The Endocrine System,” the University of Colorado, reminds us, “Ingestion of milligram quantities of vitamin D over periods of weeks or months can be severely toxic to humans and animals. In fact, baits laced with vitamin D are used very effectively as rodenticides [rat poison].” This is in stark contrast to naturally produced sunshine vitamins, and it isn’t hard to understand.

Once swallowed, the copycat hormone bypasses our innate protective mechanisms found in the skin and liver and throws hormonal balance out of whack. This “plugs” the body with calcium and induces calcification, which leads to heart failure, kidney damage, and more.

Worse, since it’s a “cumulative poison,” people who take the recommended dose of vitamin D are saturating their fatty tissues, and at the same time, offsetting their God-given hormonal intelligence. Anyone eating and drinking foods “fortified” with vitamin D are at serious risk, too. Most times, this is felt as:

– low energy,
– constant thirst
– poor focus.

In contrast, nobody has ever been poisoned by naturally produced sunshine hormones.


Promotion for vitamin D is “business as usual” for the drug, food, and vitamin industries: They work to instill fear and confusion designed to blur the lines between synthetic and natural. And they’ve done it with a “deficiency hypothesis” that has everyone getting tested for vitamin D.

(A “deficiency hypothesis” means that they tricked you into thinking you needed a Franken-chemical to replace sunshine by suckering you into believing you were “deficient.”).

Note to self: Nobody is deficient in laboratory derived chemicals or nasty chemicals pulled from sheep’s wool…nobody.)

Today’s “low” from a fraudulent vitamin D test is defined by the very industry selling vitamin D!

…patients are told they are at greater risk for rickets, infection, cancer, broken bones and a bad haircut if they don’t take the lab chemicals labeled as vitamin D.

Inevitably, this has patients running to the nearest pharmacy to choke down vitamin D.

Just get sunshine or not…no matter what, vitamin D pills will kill you.

…Don’t forget, the sun was previously known as Apollo, the God of Medicine. And yet, consumers go to great lengths to avoid it – thanks to the propaganda – while popping the “sunshine vitamin.” Their loss.

It’s brilliant marketing from an industry known for swindling consumers. But for the less gullible, sensible sun exposure is perfect…and for the winter months, a little bit of extra virgin cod liver oil will suffice to preserve health.

Responsible sun exposure (minus the sun block) and the subsequent release of sunshine hormones from the skin has proven to directly ward off infection, cancer and depression, as well as a number of other serial killers like obesity and type II diabetes.

Highlighting the Vitamin D pill controversy, The New York Times recently wrote that “The excitement about their [vitamin D pills] health potential is still far ahead of the science.”


As long as excitement remains ahead of common sense and science, I’ll take chocolate over a Tootsie Roll…I’ll also choose sitting under the sun or extra-virgin cod liver oil – over swallowing dangerous vitamin D pills.

Dare to live young,

The People’s Chemist


UPDATED 6-15-2023

Here is a new video I found on the same subject. Use the search terms she describes in the video and find the information yourselves because only then will it be real to you. This is yet another way the powers that be are killing us slowly in the name of healthcare. As the poisoning causes symptoms like high blood pressure and other issues, then they can prescribe you other medications (always costing you more) to take care of the side effects of the RAT POISON they call vitamin D. What a scam! The video won’t embed into my website so here is the link: https://rokfin.com/post/138313

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