The Dark Sciences and their C.H.R.I.S.T. and S.A.T.A.N. Weapons Systems for the MIND AND SOUL

Today we will explore the evil that DARPA, the CIA and other intelligence services perpetrate against their own people on a daily basis. They love to use Biblical names as acronyms for their nefarious programs as CHRIST stands for Common Human Routines Inference Software Technology and SATAN stands for Silent Assassination Through Adapting Networks.

In todays video you’ll learn how they both work and what they’re doing with them. Please share this with others you know as this war is so much deeper and evil than most realize!

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  • Yeah I think they use this crap on me too. Not sure if it’s coming thru the phone or ceiling. Probably both.

  • I Hate My Flesh!! It’s Deceiving!!
    This World is So absolutely Evil!!

    Without Jesus Christ….

    There is No Hope in This World!!

    So much is Coming to Light….

    And the Bible Tells us that….. More will Come to Light in the Last Days!!

    I’m Seeing The Truth like Never before!!

    You are Spot On brother 💯

    ( I was still looking forward to the Intro)
    Because it’s Spot On … In 50 seconds!!

    Showing the “”Result “” …. of What you’re Covering…. “” Right Now!! “”

    Folks, The Battle is REAL!!!!!!

    Soldier On brother 🙏

    • Really enjoy your content. I experienced in 2021/2022 in what I thought was voice to skull. Lately I’ve been experiencing heart palpitations that are scary and seem to be more intense when I’m on my phone. Maybe 5g.

  • Great show

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