Until the end of January 2023, hail of geomagnetic storms will spill over to Earth: the Sun will rake on January 19, 20, 26 and 31 – how to protect yourself from space

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This was sent to me by a subscriber and it explains why we’ve all felt a bit sick and tired lately. I’ve translated it from Russia using google so everyone can be aware. Johnny

In the second half of January, several dangerous surges of solar activity are expected.

During the period of magnetic storms, many inhabitants of the Earth may feel a deterioration in well-being. The first half of January 2023 turned out to be quite calm, from the point of view of the planet’s magnetosphere. However, the second part of the month will not be easy. Especially for weather dependent. But should we expect the most dangerous bursts of solar activity? 

Forecast of magnetic storms for 2023

  • On January 12 and 13, no negative bursts of solar activity should be expected.
  • On January 14, a magnetic storm with a magnitude of 3 out of 8 is predicted. Such a geostrike is not dangerous.
  • On January 15 and 16, one should not expect the onset of magnetic storms either.
  • On January 17, a 3-point burst of solar activity will come again.
  • On January 18, a 4-point geostrike is expected, which is also not extremely dangerous. However, meteopaths may experience a deterioration in well-being: headache, weakness, dizziness.
  • On January 19 and 20, there will be a 5-point magnetic storm, which is classified as a medium geostrike. This period is quite dangerous.
  • January 21 – 3-magnitude storm.
  • From January 22 to 24, a calm is expected before a new wave of magnetic storms.
  • A magnitude 3 solar storm is predicted on January 25.
  • On January 26, another geostrike with a force of 5 points will come.
  • January 27 – 4-point burst of solar activity.
  • On January 28, a surge with a force of 3 points is predicted. 
  • January 29 and 30 – the absence of dangerous bursts of solar activity.
  • On January 31, a 4-point geostrike is expected to begin.

Note that the forecast of magnetic storms may change. That is why you should monitor data changes closer to the expected period more often.

Tips for meteopaths

During the period of magnetic storms, weather dependent should be careful. The best thing:

  • To stay home.
  • Get more rest. 
  • Give up hard work. 
  • Drink clean water.
  • Do not eat harmful foods.
  • Ventilate the room.
  • Do not use gadgets for too long.

If a person’s health worsens significantly, it is best to call an ambulance. It is also important to visit a doctor for advice. It is the expert who will be able to give the exact algorithm of actions. Подробнее на Курьер.Среда: https://kurer-sreda.ru/2023/01/11/do-kontsa-ianvaria-2023-goda-na-zemliu-proletsia-grad-geomagnitnykh-bur-solntse-budet-svirepstvovat-19-20-26-i-31-ianvaria-kak-zashchititsia-ot-vozdeistviia-kosmosa

One comment

  • If one is on meds and taking them and gets ill, knowing all this then seeing a doctor would not be on my list.

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