SUSPENDED AGAIN! YouTube Channel is Down for 2 Weeks

YouTube has suspended my account once again and since this is the second strike (one dropped off on Nov. 4th or this would be strike 3 and we’d be GONE) we will be gone for 2 weeks. However it wouldn’t surprise me if during this suspension they find something else they don’t like and give me the third strike. We shall see.

What does surprise me is how few of you actually check out the website. We have over 15,000 subscribers and yet despite me telling you on every video to bookmark the website because the channel could go down, I only get 800-1200 daily visitors on average. Sometimes it jumps up to double that but not very often.

Very few people share the website with others and even fewer support this channel and it’s dumbfounding since I am one of the only people on the internet trying to get you the TRUTH without trying to sell you snake oil vitamins and gold. Yet I get accused of being a grifter and all sorts of other things that I am not. Unreal.

God bless and please pray that this website gets LOOSED in Jesus name! I will keep going until they take me out or take me down.



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