While the Water is Drying up and Americans Sell their BLOOD to make ends meet, DC is set to LEGALIZE Public Urination

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Today’s headlines aren’t pretty at all but the one coming out of Washington DC is the icing on the crap cake. As the USA sinks further into 3rd world nation status (maybe worse) we have the city council in Washington DC voting to legalize public urination and to essentially decriminalize crimes such as burglaries, carjacking’s and robberies. Here is more from Frontpage Magazine.

When your whole city’s a toilet, why not embrace it?

The D.C. Council is expected to take the first of two votes Tuesday on a massive rewrite of its criminal code. If passed, the bill would eliminate most mandatory minimum sentences, allow for jury trials in almost all misdemeanor cases and reduce the maximum penalties for offenses such as burglaries, carjackings and robberies.

Assume that there’ll be a lot more burglaries, carjackings and robberies.

Not to mention public urination.

Mayor Muriel Bowser and Police Chief Robert Contee III are pushing back hard on parts of the plan they don’t agree with, and say the council is rushing to beat an arbitrary deadline.

At a news conference Tuesday, the mayor said the concern is over the decriminalization of certain public nuisances, such as urinating in public or noise violations.


Meanwhile in the American SW they’re quickly running out of water due to a severe long term drought that’s been going on for 2 decades, but that’s ok let’s let the megafarms that are owned by FOREIGN CORPAORATIONS siphon off the water and then ship the crops overseas! Does that sound stupid to you? It is stupid and other countries would NEVER allow it but that is exactly what’s happening in the Colorado River Basin and in Wenden AZ in this story from the Daily Mail.

Drinking water for residents of Wenden, Ariz., has started to dry up as megafarms owned and backed by sovereign nations use it to grow their crops instead.

Groundwater is a necessity to grow agriculture in the Southwest, and while the Colorado River Basin is going through a prolonged drought, overused aquifers in Arizona are rapidly being exhausted, affecting the local lifestyle and economy.

In fact, workers with the state’s water district watched, with the aid of a camera lowered into the town’s well, the water moving, CNN reported.

That’s because, according to Gary Saiter, a resident and head of the Wenden Water Improvement District, the water was being literally and rapidly pumped out of the ground by a neighboring well belonging to a United Arab Emirates-based company. 

It’s important because residents of towns Wenden and Salome get their water from the same source as farms – underground pools – but declining water tables in the area show levels have dropped from about 100 feet in the 1950s to about 540 feet in 2022.

While Arizona’s La Paz County is experiencing its worst drought in 1,200 years, as are other areas in the state and Southwestern region of the Unite States, foreign-owned farms growing crops requiring extensive amounts of water, such as alfalfa, are being blamed for the dry spell. 

Source Daily Mail

Then we move onto the economy in the USA as Americans continue to suffer under the highest inflation rates ever experienced! The numbers of people working multiple jobs are way up and now Americans are having to SELL THEIR BLOOD and plasma to make ends meet! Here is more from the Guardian.

Millions of Americans are currently working two or more jobs in order to make ends meet, as global inflation and corporations jacking up prices have sent prices of food, gas, housing, health insurance and other necessities soaring in the past year.

Cashe Lewis, 31, of Denver, Colorado works two jobs and is currently trying to find a third job to cover the recent $200 monthly rent increase to her apartment. She works days as a barista at Starbucks, but claims it’s been difficult to get enough hours even with taking extra shifts whenever she can due to scheduling cuts as part of the crackdown on union organizing by management.

At night she works at a convenience store because the hours are reliable, and works six days a week, often 16 hours a day.

“I’m exhausted all the time,” said Lewis. “On the one day I have off a week, I donate plasma for extra money. I’m literally selling my blood to eat because I have no choice.”

Her partner suffers from epilepsy and can’t work full-time hours because of it. Even with insurance, their medication is expensive and she spends about half of a two-week paycheck at Starbucks to cover the health insurance premiums.

Over the past five years, she has struggled with homelessness, and was previously fired from her job for sleeping in her car behind her place of employment.

“All of my friends and family work multiple jobs as well, just trying to keep our heads above water. Nothing is affordable and the roadblocks set up to keep people in the cycle of poverty benefit the most wealthy members of our society,” added Lewis. “We aren’t living, we’re barely surviving and we have no choice but to keep doing it.” Source The Guardian

Johnny’s Commentary

There it is right in front of you, the final demise of America. It is sad to watch as we all grew up believing in the illusion of “truth, justice and the American way” from the end of WW2 and forward. The systems that ran the show underneath it all were always corrupt and the cesspool that is Washington DC is now going to literally be one as they decriminalize public urination!

The reduction in penalties for robbery and carjacking is also alarming as it will just encourage more crime as it has in other places like NYC, LA, Seattle, San Francisco and even where I live in Spokane WA. Property crime is off the hook as the criminals and crackheads know they probably won’t even be arrested and if they are they’ll be out in the morning. The police and sheriffs all say the same thing, their hands are tied because of the laws that they city councils have been passing.

Meanwhile America continues it’s policies of self destruction by allowing foreign corporations to buy up American farmland (who in the BLEEP thought that was a good idea?) and then allow them to ship the crops back home to places like the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Homes and businesses in the same places, like Wenden AZ can’t get enough water and the aquifers are drying up!

The economy has become so bad due to inflation people are selling plasma to make ends meet as rent, food, fuel and everything keeps going up in price. I don’t care what the media or government say about the inflation rate, it is easily triple or quadruple more than they will admit to and they don’t count fuel or food anymore. We all know many things have gone up 50% or more like the coconut oil example I gave last week.

But hey let’s go ahead and send Ukraine billions in military and financial aid in order to fight a proxy war against Russia because that will help the average American remain free. This is the narrative they want you to believe. They also want you to believe that men can have periods and get pregnant. Folks America (mystery Babylon) is about to disappear into the dustbin of history. There won’t be anything left.

Pray up and prep up, time is short.

Wasteland…by Dennis Cameron

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  • Uncivilized tribes live this way in Africa. They beat down what coms in their path. They eat what smells good. Shit where they can. No matter the state of a persons mind if you are urinating in public you are a nuisance to civilization as we know it. Anyone who would allow such shit in public has allowed to dam many people into our country to supply enough toilets from which they can urinate. Which means next it will be food and housing….who will they come for next?

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