Polio, the Lies Surrounding the Cause, the Cancers and the Vaccine

The mainstream media and the public at large love to sound off about Polio being successfully eradicated because of vaccines. Smallpox is another so called vaccine success story they love but that is for another blog post. Today the focus is on Polio. What caused it and what actually stopped it? Today I will tell you some of that story.

First up did you know that the Polio poster girl the March of Dimes charity used was CURED of her polio? After over 2 years of medical treatment the best they could come up with was crutches and leg braces for life. A drugless doctor (a Chiropractor) cured her in 6 months. Here is proof.

Eleanor McBean (Vaccination The Silent Killer):

“Another typical case of the difference between the medical and non-medical approach to healing is that of THE POLIO POSTER GIRL for the March of Dimes.
    Little Winifred Gardella, had been treated for polio by medical doctors for two and a half years, and the best they could do was to release her as a hopeless cripple wearing crutches and leg braces — with no hope for the rest of her life. Her picture was used on the March of Dimes posters to jerk more donations from people, to carry on more of this failure system of medical mix-up and mess.
    After she left the medical hosptial, her mother took her to a drugless doctor, Dr. Lewis Robertson (Chiropractor), who treated her with special drugless methods and had her well and walking in less than six months. (See photographs, Fig. I and 2).
    These are just two (flu and polio) of the thousands of better and more successful treatments which the “qualified” drugless doctors have, which should be used, instead of the damaging medical methods.”

Then there’s the infamous SV40 contamination of the Salk polio vaccine that caused 200 MILLION people to get cancer instead of polio. What a trade off right?

The damages of that vaccine continue to this very day as 60 lab studies have proven the cancer link back to that deadly vaccine!

The man in the picture above, Mr. Bill Gates is responsible for thousands of children’s deaths and paralysis from deploying his oral vaccines for polio! He was assisted by none other than the Dali Lama himself. Folks they are ALL IN ON THIS GAME OF DEPOPULATION/EUGENICS!

Everywhere these people go with their polio vaccines, children die or become paralyzed!

So what caused the so called polio epidemic in the USA? Let’s look at some quotes from doctors and scientists of that time and see for ourselves.

Polio: An American Story  by David Oshisky. This is an excerpt from the introduction: “In 1949, San Angelo, Texas outbreak of polio in kids….Since poliovirus was often found in human feces and on the legs of houseflies, Dr R.E. Elvins, the city health officer, called for a heavy spraying of DDT, singling out the open pit toilets on the “Latin American” and “Negro” side of town….. Blaming the epidemic on the “wetbacks” who migrated north each year, monitoring the health of migrant workers become the target…San Angelo bought two fogging machines to bathe the city in DDT. Twice each day, flatbed trucks would rumble through the streets, spraying the chemical from large hoses while children danced innocently in the mist that trailed behind. As a goodwill gesture, the local Sherwin-Williams store provided DDT at no cost, urging customers to drench the walls and furniture in their homes…..By mind-June more than half of San Angelo’s 160 hospital beds were filled by polio patients, almost all of them children under 15.  In truth, polio was never the raging epidemic portrayed in the media, not even at its height in the 1940s and 1950s.  Ten times as many children would died in accidents in those years, and three times as many would die of cancer. Polio’s special status was due, in large part, to the efforts of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, better known as the March of Dimeswhich employed the latest techniques in advertising, fund raising and motivational research to turn a horrific but relatively uncommon disease in to the most feared affliction of its time.  The genius of the National Polio Foundation lay in its ability to single out polio for special attention, making it seem more ominous than other diseases. This strategy would revolutionize the way charities raised money, recruited volunteers organized local chapters and penetrated medical research. The new model created philanthropy as consumerism and in turn, funded a furious competition for a vaccine…The Salk trials would have a profound impact on the federal government’s role in testing and licensing future drugs and vaccines. “

“My site has several articles by the Nobel Laureate Alexis Carrel regarding injections of highly dilute poisons, similar to formaldehyde in Salk vaccine, which was 1:4000 concentration. Carrel injected carcinogens at 1:5000 to 1:250000 and caused reliably, cancer in chickens.”—Jim West

“April 1953, leading DDT consultant, Dr Kumm, became Director of Polio Research for NFIP.”—Jim West

“In 1983, via new legislation, DDT was allowed back into the U.S. marketplace, but only in pesticide blends. Within only a few months of this re-entry, a new kind of polio epidemic suddenly occurred. It was labelled “post-polio”, the re-emergence of polio symptoms in former victims. This has involved approximately 600,000 victims.”–Jim West

As you can see from the information that Jim West and others found the cause of polio wasn’t any kind of virus but rather POISONING from DDT and other industrial chemicals being used at the time. As you also see in the paragraph above in 1983 DDT was ALLOWED BACK IN THE US MARKETPLACE! Now of course we have seen re-emergence of this disease which is quite convenient for the investors in the deadly oral polio vaccines like Bill Gates.

I could go on and on about just the polio vaccines alone but I think you get the point. Stay tuned as I will write more about vaccines and communicable disease and how the germ theory on which it is all based is BOGUS. The one who came up with it Louis Pasteur was a proven and self admitted fraud, but that is also for another blog post.

Now you have some ammunition to take to the next “polio was cured by vaccines” argument. They don’t have one.

Source page with tons of links is here: http://www.whale.to/v/polio2.htm

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