70,000 Protestors in the Czech Republic Demand the Resignation of the Government and Cheap Russian Gas

Protest in Prague against the policy of the Czech government, photo: Twitter

Tens of thousands of people protested in Prague against the pro-Western Czech government, the Associated Press reported.

According to the police, the number of protesters in the central Wenceslas Square in Prague numbered around 70,000.

The protesters demanded the resignation of the current coalition government led by conservative Prime Minister Petr Fiala, criticizing him on a number of issues, including his Western-oriented policies.

They condemned the government for its support of sanctions against Russia over the war in Ukraine and accused it of being unable to deal with rising energy prices. Demonstrators also criticized NATO, the European Union. The Czech Republic is a member of both organizations.

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  • Jonny heads on a swivel, just heard Russias going to the UN with evidence of bioweapons labs in Ukraine. Understand with these coming to cities world wide TPTB HAVE TO PULL OFF THE MOTHER OF ALL FALSE FLAGS! THIS IS NOT A TEST! IF ANYONE THINKS WW3 WONT BE IN FULL SWING BEFORE THE LEAVES FALL OFF YOUR CRAZY!

    • shawn, love you man, , but this, was reported, back in april-,may, of this yr./ unless. you have something new?, so far, thank god, the un hasnt believied and acted, on it,, doesnt mean, , it aint real, and that they wont, but yeh, brother, heads on a swivel, all in perspective, , we already septembers. too earlly, weathers, lord trully help us all, weather wise, its already, in many parts of usa, ,, getting too close to octobers, , already fall like conditions , now we all know why, geo engineering ect., but, god help us all, , just to survive, missouri, here, , not believe, this proxy war, , or much else, , i just know that we are in the end times, my friend,and have been for quite awhile., , no pretrib. rapture, no isreal, over there, no temple over there, we re the temple, , all go to the graves, , and all souls wait, in the graves, till the end, , when jesus finally returns, at the end, with his army of angels, and the graves, , the dead in christ on this earth all, will, rise first, , to meet him in the air, and to be in his army of angels, while hes coming down, with his army of angels., , did you get that?, few in this worlds noise will, at the end when jesus really returns, all, all, whether dead or alive, at that time, this is so powerful, that we have the oppurtunity, to even, , meet him in the air with his army of angels, , , at the end, to even think about it., as if any of us even deserved it?, they dont tell you that, do they/?, to be with jesus christ, hmself, and the angels, , during the final battle of armegedon, or this wicked world,you can read, and think for yourself, as to all the rest, as bible , god says., , did you ever hear that/?, to be in his army, and all of it?,, all the injustices, , ect, wow, eye opener, versus all the, worlds churches lies., biblically true?, gives whole new meaning, to the endtime scenario, and the true return, , of jesus christ and his army, and what it trully means, to us, , hold on, bros. and sisters. and may we no matter what,be found worthy, sinners we are,, god bless, faith, comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of god., to be in his army? at the end>? did you get that?major. truths. biblically, what a god ., what a god, we but dust, , creator of heaven and earth , forever. amen.

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