13 EU Countries are Completely or at least Partially CUT OFF from Russian Gas

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As I reported earlier the AP and Reuters were all coming in with reports of Russia’s GAZPROM company shutting down the Nordstream pipeline. It has already begun with 13 EU countries and the rest to follow I’m sure.

Thirteen EU countries have either completely stopped receiving Russian gas or are partially cut off from the supply after the temporary closure of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, according to Russia’s state-run Tass news agency.

The news agency quoted a senior official from the Directorate General of the European Commission for Energy in its report on Thursday.

Russian state energy company Gazprom confirmed on Wednesday that Nord Stream 1 was closed temporarily for maintenance from August 31 until September 3.

Gazprom, which cut the supply through the 1,224-kilometre pipeline to 40 per cent of capacity in June and to 20 per cent in July, said that the “only gas compressor unit” currently in operation needed technical maintenance.

Then Hal Turner Radio reported this just over an hour ago.


Natural gas markets in Europe are now collapsing with price spikes of unimaginable rates. Almost no natural gas can flow to Europe now and countries there cannot receive enough to keep the economies going.

This is a developing story so I will keep my eyes on it. This could collapse the economies of the EU member states as they all depend on Russian oil and gas to survive. Going green wasn’t such a great idea after all huh?

Source MSN

Hal Turner Radio

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  • Friends i would imploy the intercessors to visit david’s “thefigtreeministry” chanmel for guidance on fasting and prayer.
    The satanic October begins in September.
    Also, 444prophecynews.com has two dire ⚠️ warnings of serious consequences that flange up with David’s vision and warnings.
    Something in the spirit realm is about to bust loose bigly and the ‘Jesus happy talk ” crowd will soon be in for a shock.
    May we all seek daily repentance and abide in The Ancient of Days.
    He’s already revealed to me how little we have reverential fear of the Lord!
    Not good!

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